Let me introduce myself!

Greetings to all fans of staying at hotels
in my Blog Fine Hotel Holiday Secret!
My name is Yuliia Novikova.

By profession I am a manager and I work all my life in this specialty, also I help companies become better by completing projects as a consultant in business management.

I love my job very much and I am always glad that I chose it. In high school I really wanted to become a lawyer, I prepared for this very seriously: I did a lot of work, read, participated in competitions, entered the law faculty. BUT, fortunately, it did not work out J and I entered the university, preparing future business and government managers. So began my professional career.

Who is interested in reading about my professional activity, I invite you to our site (link).

My passion for stay in the fine hotels did not appear immediately, or rather, I did not want to admit to myself that I was not just a tourist, who eager to see as many countries and cities as possible, swim in different seas of the world, try the cuisine, climb all the towers and visit everything interesting museums of world cities  🙂

Only recently I’ve realized that I am a “hotel maniac” who simply LOVES hotels and when choosing our next holiday, pays great attention to this and treats the choice of a hotel as the main priority of our trip.

The choice of the next hotel for me is the most favorite activity and the best remedy for melancholy and bad mood!

This is my favorite hobby and favorite activity in my free time!

In total, I’ve visited 107 hotels in 18 countries! 🙂

Thanks to this invaluable experience, I often help my relatives, friends and colleagues, share secrets and answer questions that arise when they want to organize their holidays in the Fine Hotels.

So I’ve had an idea to create a resource, where:

  • I will tell you how “it has come” to such a life 🙂
  • I will share my secrets and skills in booking hotels
  • I will show live reports from hotels
  • I will share hotel reviews
  • I will tell you how best to get to your holiday
  • I will advise how best to communicate with hotels
  • I will share my experience of participation in hotel chains and their competitions.

I hope you will enjoy my blog, I will be glad to see you here!