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Maxx Royal Belek Golf Resort: check-in and room

Maxx Royal Golf Resort Belek

The third hotel on our trip to Antalya and Belek in January 2022 was the legendary Maxx Royal in Belek. I didn’t even intend to come here, but when I saw a good price for the hotel, I decided that it was time for us to get impressions from it and, of course, compare it with its longtime competitor Regnum Carya 🙂 (I will devote a separate post to this comparison, it will be fun, I promise 🙂 ).

Regnum Carya Golf Resort Belek: January 2022

Regnum Carya Golf Resort

The second hotel on our trip to Antalya and Belek in January 2022 was our favorite hotel in Belek. For some reason, I really wanted to come back here for the 3rd time, and I can confidently say that at the moment this is the best hotel for an off-season holiday on the coast of Antalya.

Akra Barut Antalya: good idea with bad execution

Akra Barut Antalya

Today I begin my story about our hotels on a trip in January 2022 to Antalya. The first was the hotel that management and owners really don’t like. We were very sorry to see how a great idea and potential turned into a mediocre and inconspicuous hotel.

Rainy January holidays 2022 in Turkey

Antalya 2022

When you plan a lot of things and look forward to a long-awaited meeting with new countries, but you live in times of a pandemic, be ready to have option B 🙂 So again we ended up in Turkey, this time on the coast of Antalya.

Atmosfera Fly lounge, Boryspil: end 2021-beginning of 2022

Atmosfera Fly Lounge

If you ended up at Boryspil airport, Kyiv and you have a premium card, then you need to visit your favorite lounge again 🙂

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

My dear subscribers and readers!
Happy New Year 2022 to you!

Be happy, go to your dream, enjoy every minute of your life and may this year be kind to you! 🙂
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Review of Park Regency Sharm hotel: parlor suite, 2021

Park Regency Resort Sharm el Sheikh

And at the end of my long story about our vacation in 4 hotels in Sharm el Sheikh in 2021 (you can read about each of them here, here and here), I’ll tell you about our fifth return to our beloved hotel. And I will tell you that at the moment, this is the only hotel out of the 96 hotels we visited, where we return so many times 🙂

Four Seasons Resort Sharm el Sheikh: food, 2021

Four Seasons Resort Sharm el Sheikh

I continue my story about our second visit to the Four Seasons Resort in Sharm El Sheikh. And the beginning of my story about our impressions of the hotel is here.

Four Seasons Resort Sharm el Sheikh, October 2021

Four Seasons Resort Sharm el Sheikh

When I was planning a trip to Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt in 2021, I could not help but return to the hotel that we loved so much in 2020, about which I wrote as many as 4 reviews 🙂

Boryspil Airport, September 2021: catch in 20 minutes

Boryspil Airport

At the end of September 2021, we headed to Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt to relax in 4 hotels. I have already told you about two of them (here about Royal Monte Carlo, and here about Rixos Sharm), but I will tell you about the other two later. In the meantime, I want to start over, about how we got there.