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Boryspil Airport, September 2021: catch in 20 minutes

Boryspil Airport

At the end of September 2021, we headed to Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt to relax in 4 hotels. I have already told you about two of them (here about Royal Monte Carlo, and here about Rixos Sharm), but I will tell you about the other two later. In the meantime, I want to start over, about how we got there.

Rixos Sharm (adults only): concept and conclusions

Rixos Sharm (adult only)

In the first part of my review about our first visit to the Rixos Sharm hotel, I talked about the hotel’s check-in, SPA and beach. I also promised not to make hasty conclusions, but rather take us to a beach bar.

Rixos Sharm (adults only): check-in and first impressions

Rixos Sharm (adult only)

The second hotel on our trip in early October 2021 to Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt was a hotel of the RIXOS chain, widely known in narrow circles. There are 2 hotels of this chain in Sharm, but I chose the one that accepts only adults. Well, I was also very interested to know what the scary Nabq district is, where this hotel is located.

Royal Monte Carlo Sharm: comparing 2018 and 2021

Royal Monte Carlo Sharm

The Royal part of the Monte Carlo Hotel in Sharm El Sheikh attracted me back in 2018 thanks to a set of facilities for its guests: a private beach, a lounge with meals, buildings located closer to the sea. And in 2021, we returned to see what has changed over the past 3 years.

Happy birthday, my favorite site! We have been together for 3 years :)

Fine Hotel Holiday Secret

Today my favorite site is celebrating its 3rd anniversary!
It seems that this is so little, but on the other hand, very much! 🙂

For 3 years I have prepared 230 posts and a number of articles that have been read by tens of thousands of residents of Ukraine, Russia, Egypt, USA, Belarus, Germany, United Kingdom, Turkey, Poland, France and 110 other countries of the world!

I thank you all, my dear readers, subscribers, that you are reading my Blog! 🙂
Special thanks to my most dedicated fans (yeah, there are some), my favorite designer Daria and site master Dmitry! I am very glad that I have you 🙂

On this birthday, I present to you an updated website with a new look and logo, on which now, in addition to the usual Blog and Articles rubrics, there are 2 more new: Hotel Consulting and Fine Hotels. My husband and I decided to start a large project Fine Hotels for Fine Guests, thanks to which we will help hotels to become better and find their guests 🙂

Always yours,
Yuliia Novikova.

Kozmo Hotel Suites & Spa, Budapest, Hungary: October 2021

Kozmo Hotel Suites and Spa

Although it was a short trip to Budapest, Hungary in mid-October 2021, I couldn’t help but try 2 hotels 🙂 And if I told you about the first one in this review, now it’s the turn of the second one. I chose the newly opened hotel (just a month ago) Kozmo Hotel Suites and Spa.

Mystery Hotel Budapest, Hungary: good new hotel

Mystery Hotel Budapest

Taking advantage of the long weekend in October 2021, we unexpectedly traveled to Budapest, Hungary. I will tell you how we got there later, but for now I will introduce you to the new hotels in Budapest.

Sarpedor Boutique, Bodrum: about the most interesting

Sarpedor Boutique Hotel

And finally, the long-awaited 2 part of a review from my sister about why their hopes for this hotel were not justified 🙂 I continue my review. So, we stopped at the fact that the number of rooms is not bad, the views and beauty of the sea are incredible, the staff and service are not horror-horror, but bad.

Business Lounge of Copenhagen Airport, Denmark

Copenhagen Airport

We flew from Paris to Copenhagen on an EasyJet flight (more about it here) and happily wandered around Copenhagen airport. It immediately seemed to us somehow very unusual and interesting. And we decided to end our acquaintance with it in the one of the business lounges 🙂

EasyJet Flight: Paris to Copenhagen


So our grandiose journey to Paris has come to an end along the route: Kyiv-Dortmund-Cologne-Dusseldorf-Versailles-Paris, which means it was time to return home. Well, again, my creative skills led me to choose an unusual way home from Paris to Copenhagen, and from there to Kyiv. 🙂