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Croatia. Here we go again! Admiral Grand Hotel, Slano

Our next hotel was the new 5-star Admiral Grand Hotel, which is located in the village of Slano, 30 km from Dubrovnik.

Croatia. Here we go again! Resort Astarea, Mlini

Next year I’ve decided to continue our holiday in Croatia and chosen South Dalmatia region.

First vacation in Croatia: Aminess Grand Azur Hotel Peljesac

Our next trip to distant lands was the much anticipated by me, our first trip to Croatia in 2008.

I’ve read a lot of information and looked for such a beautiful sea that was in the beloved Crimean bay of Laspi and in Montenegro.

Our holiday in Bulgaria. Sozopol.

After a wonderful holiday in Montenegro, we’ve decided to visit the next mega popular resort – Bulgaria. It was 2006.


Tripadvisor website update

A couple of days ago, the Tripadvisor portal appeared before us with a new look.
Let’s see together what has changed and whether it has become more convenient.


Montenegro. First trip abroad. Holiday in Budva

I took my first step into the world of foreign resorts with my husband, having gone on our first trip abroad to Montenegro back in 2005 🙂

Continue the journey. Transcarpathia

The next landmark for me was our trip to celebrate New Year in Transcarpathia.

It was then that I’ve finally decided that I will not go to the mountains and snow in winter 🙂

I’ll tell you why 🙂


The beginning of my way. Crimea

Why I love hotels so much?

To answer this question, I need to go back to the very beginning of my life 🙂

I was born and raised in Kyiv, the capital of my wonderful Ukraine.

My passion for traveling was giving to me by my parents when I was only 6 months old 🙂