Budapest, Hungary: photo report from our trip

Цепной мост в Будапеште

Today I will show you a small part of one of my favorite cities in the world – Budapest.

This is a city of a million emotions and impressions, which you must visit at least once.

What’s so interesting in this city, you may ask:

1. A wonderful promenade for walking

На набережной Будапешта

Набережная в Будапеште

2. Many interesting routes that can be viewed using … tram

3. Many wonderful architectural landmarks, such as
– the Royal Castle, which can be reached by funicular

Фуникулер в Будапеште

Fisherman’s Bastion – a place of hundreds of photos

Рыбацкий Бастион в Будапеште

4 A huge number of very beautiful bridges

5. A cool boat trips on the Danube

Вид на Парламент в Будапеште

6. A huge number of baths with thermal water

7. A crazy interesting Art museum

Художественный музей Будапешта

8. A very cute ZOO

9. A great Opera House with nice interiors

Оперный театр в Будапеште

10. And just kilometers of pretty streets with houses for endless walks

Пейзажи Будапешта

Дома в Будапеште

Дома Будапешта

Улицы Будапешта

Здания в Будапеште

Виды на Будапешт

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