Carpathians: vacation in hotel VIP-Residence, Bukovel

Today I offer to you to read the great review from our leading journalist and my sister Polina Novikova!

Back in 2007, I’ve accidentally visited Bukovel, which was just in the beginning to be built. The resort was like a solid construction site and it was not very clear what would come of it.

And thanks to fortune, my family and I’ve ended up in Bukovel, Ukraine.

In the winter at corporate party, I’ve won a weekend in Bukovel and in April we’ve decided to use this gift of fate. Of course, it is a pity that I have unsuccessfully chosen a time of our vacation, because it was the off season. The choice that was proposed by my employer is hotel “Bukovel” – simple two-and three-story wooden cottages and the apart-hotel VIP-Residence.

No need to be Sherlock Holmes to understand what I’ve chosen :). The choice was also influenced by the owner of this site – a real professional in the hotel’s choosing 🙂

In fact, this hotel looks more like an apartment building. On the floor located several rooms. There are three categories – 1, 2 and 3. 1 category – 80 square meters, 2 category – from 60-75, and 3 category – 55. We’ve got a room of the second category on the second floor.

When you come in you can see a long corridor with a huge closet, bathroom with large bath and all necessary. There is no magnifying mirror and mini-cosmetics, only in the dispenser soap and gel for the body and hair. But there are hats and sticks for the ears. Also there is an electric towel warmer too. A large set of towels for all tastes. Everything is clean. The water is heated by a large boiler.

Then to the left is the kitchen with a stove, microwave, an excellent set of glasses, some kitchen utensils, appliances, plates, cups, electric kettle, refrigerator. There is even a liquid for washing of dishes, paper towels and scouring pad.

After going forward a bit, there was a small room with a folding sofa, a huge plasma and a coffee table with a large chair. Here we’ve settled the child.

The main highlight of the apartment is the huge windows to the floor and the beauty of a big pine trees and mountains. All rooms have a beautiful view and heaters that you can adjust to yourself.

Then you can find a large room, 35 meters. Weэму decided to stay in it. It’s a very spacious, bright and clean room. Huge bed with a high comfortable mattress, dressing table with ottoman, two chairs and a table with a big plasma under the ceiling. A huge wardrobe with a variety of hangers. Large and spacious balcony, but there are no chairs and a table, apparently because of the off-season. I’ve really liked the bed linen – Turkish striped satin and cotton, of course, white. The abundance of pillows is captivating.

The staff works perfectly, everything is done quickly. Cleaning is invisible.

The biggest disadvantage of this hotel is the complete lack of sound proofing. As with neighbors on the sides and on top, and with the corridor and the street. This factor takes away from the hotel all the stars and reduces its rating at times, which is a pity.

Also, it was a bit disappointing that in the off-season breakfast is not included in the room rate, and the food in Bukovel is a topic for a separate post.

I hope you like my post, thanks for reading! See you soon).

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