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What I read. The story behind the Four Seasons brand

территория отеля Four Seasons Sharm

The most powerful and unexpected book I read in 2020 is by far the book from the founder of the Four Seasons hotel chain Isadore Sharp. I read the version in Ukrainian “Four Seasons: History of Business Philosophy”, and there is also a book in Russian.

What I read. Another book about building a personal brand

Вологда, пейзажи

I continue to share my impressions of the books I have read. Moreover, the current reality is so good for reading:)

And today the book of L. Petrov and V. Makovich “Make a name for yourself! Building a personal brand” from the founder of personal branding in Russia.

What I read developing my Blog. Personal brand.

I continue my story of choosing really interesting and useful books for the development of my Blog.

Today I want to share with you a book that was a very pleasant discovery for me in 2019.

What Books I Read While Developing My Hotel Blog

When I’ve decided to create my Blog, I had no idea how much knowledge, information and skills I would need!

And now I am opening a new rubric in which I will share readed by me books for those who would like to create a Blog or have already created it and are looking for how to develop it further.