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Hotel Moliere, Paris: a little gem in the heart of the city

Hotel Moliere, Paris

The promised review of a very pleasant little hotel in the heart of all the events of Paris, France is finally ready 🙂

Choosing a hotel in Paris: possible, but difficult

Париж, январь 2020

As you remember, we celebrated New Year 2020 in Versailles, a suburb of Paris, and then went to stay at my dream city. Choosing a hotel in Paris turned out to be a task not for the faint of heart 🙂 I did not spend so much time on any of the 88 hotels where we lived for these years 🙂

From Versailles to Paris towards a dream

Париж, январь 2020

More than a year has passed since our trip to France for the New Year 2020, but now, for some reason, memories are especially acute, which means it’s time to continue my story about our French winter trip.

Palace of Versailles: how I made my dream come true

Версальский дворец

I was very happy that we would be spending a few nights in the town of Versailles, because thanks to this, we will be able to walk for a long time in the complex of the Palace of Versailles.

Versailles, France: a great town to visit

город Версаль, Франция

It’s time to return to the story of our New Year’s trip to France in January 2020. If you remember, we celebrated the New Year at a hotel in the small town of Versailles, not far from Paris.

Review of the hotel Louis Louis Versailles Chateau MGallery

A week before our trip, we had no hotel to stay for the New Year and I began to actively look for an option in Paris. I went through all the booking sites and, of course, found nothing: everything was either very expensive or not for 3 nights, but less.

Then I remembered the Paris suburb city Versailles, where we were going to visit the Versailles Palace.

How to book a hotel in Paris but stay in another city

Now I will explain why we did not celebrate the New Year in Paris.

Back in July 2019, I booked the Hotel Atmospheres in Paris on the website of the hotel for 3 nights, and I received corresponding confirmation.

From Strasbourg to Colmar, France

In the 100th anniversary blog post I want to tell you about my birthday present – a trip to Colmar from Strasbourg.

Review of Hotel Regent Petite France and Spa Hotel, Strasbourg

It was difficult for me to choose a hotel in Strasbourg, so in the end I’ve booked 2 hotels: the first hotel without a sauna and the second with it. I’ve found one small nice hotel in Strasbourg with SPA, but I just did not have time to book it, so I had to look for another hotel with a SPA again.

In the end, I’ve chosen Hotel Regent Petite France and Spa.