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Milan, Italy: photo report from our trip

Улицы Милана

Today I invite you to take a walk in the beautiful Italian city of Milan.

Vatican Gardens, Rome: complete delight and how to book

When I was preparing a post about our hotel in Italy, I’ve decided to remember what exactly impressed me the most in Rome. And the answer immediately came to me – the Vatican gardens and museums.

Italy voyage as a dream come true. Rome. Leon’s Place Hotel.

Having met and fell in love with Florence, we went to see my husband’s dreamRome.

To do this, we again used the services of the Italian railways.
At the station, we’ve already felt ourselves calm and reliable. We’ve quickly found the right path, the right platform, and with pleasure went at high speed to the legendary city.

Italy: voyage as a dream come true. Florence.

After spending very little time in Milan, we’ve moved to our next city, Florence.

We went there for the first time on the Trenitalia high-speed train and we’ve really enjoyed it: fast, convenient, interesting and cool 🙂

Italy: voyage as a dream come true. Milan.

We’ve traveled to different countries and hotels, and, finally, came to the time to make my husband’s dream come true – to see Rome. Therefore, for our next New Year’s trip to Europe, I’ve decided to make an Italian voyage with the main star the city Rome. But since it seemed to me that Rome alone would not be enough, I’ve decided to add Florence to see.