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My Blog celebrates 2 years! Happy Birthday!

Fine Hotel Holiday Secret

So it’s been 2 years since I created my Hotel Blog in 2018.

Where am I? Or how to find me :)

Море в Sahl Hasheesh

Hello everyone!

Today I will not post a regular post because I finally went on vacation 🙂

Happy New Year 2020 and Merry Christmas!

So the next year is coming to an end: difficult, but interesting, full of trips and hotels, work and events, as well as new posts on my Blog.

I thank all my readers for their attention and questions, for discussing interesting topics and, of course, hotels 🙂

My Blog celebrates 1 year! Happy Birthday!

Hurray, today my beloved Blog Fine Hotel Holiday Secet is 1 year old!

Nevertheless, I did it and did not give up, continued to lead Blog, and today I am very pleased that I have my Blog!

Hello to readers and news of Blog Finehotelholidaysecret

I invite all to celebrate with me!

The day before yesterday, my Blog was visited by a record number of unique users – 137 people. I am very glad of this small victory and glad to see you all on the pages of my project!

Today, my Blog is existed for more than 9 months, but it is still quite small (from the point of view of the terrible world of digitalization), and every step in its development is a great achievement for me!