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4 years of my favorite Blog!

Happy Birthday to my Blog

Time flew by so quickly and my Blog turned 4 years old.

During this time, I wrote 244 posts in 2 languages, added thousands of photos from hotels and trips, and I can say that I am very happy with my decision to create a blog 🙂

Yes, it was very difficult, but thanks to my design fairy Dasha and website wizard Dima, it became possible! Thank you so much for your continued support and friendship!

Thank you, readers and subscribers, for reading and for not abandoning my Blog even during these terribly difficult 9 months of the war that my country and I went through with it!

And yes, today I am writing this post for the first time in 9 months of silence and I think that I will soon please you with new posts 🙂

Stay tuned for updates and my newsletters!

After all, I stopped my story about the most interesting – on a series of posts about one of the coolest hotels in Turkey Maxx Royal Belek, and I never told you if I liked it there 🙂

Happy birthday, my favorite site! We have been together for 3 years :)

Fine Hotel Holiday Secret

Today my favorite site is celebrating its 3rd anniversary!
It seems that this is so little, but on the other hand, very much! 🙂

For 3 years I have prepared 230 posts and a number of articles that have been read by tens of thousands of residents of Ukraine, Russia, Egypt, USA, Belarus, Germany, United Kingdom, Turkey, Poland, France and 110 other countries of the world!

I thank you all, my dear readers, subscribers, that you are reading my Blog! 🙂
Special thanks to my most dedicated fans (yeah, there are some), my favorite designer Daria and site master Dmitry! I am very glad that I have you 🙂

On this birthday, I present to you an updated website with a new look and logo, on which now, in addition to the usual Blog and Articles rubrics, there are 2 more new: Hotel Consulting and Fine Hotels. My husband and I decided to start a large project Fine Hotels for Fine Guests, thanks to which we will help hotels to become better and find their guests 🙂

Always yours,
Yuliia Novikova.

My Blog celebrates 2 years! Happy Birthday!

Fine Hotel Holiday Secret

So it’s been 2 years since I created my Hotel Blog in 2018.

Where am I? Or how to find me :)

Море в Sahl Hasheesh

Hello everyone!

Today I will not post a regular post because I finally went on vacation 🙂

Happy New Year 2020 and Merry Christmas!

So the next year is coming to an end: difficult, but interesting, full of trips and hotels, work and events, as well as new posts on my Blog.

I thank all my readers for their attention and questions, for discussing interesting topics and, of course, hotels 🙂

My Blog celebrates 1 year! Happy Birthday!

Hurray, today my beloved Blog Fine Hotel Holiday Secet is 1 year old!

Nevertheless, I did it and did not give up, continued to lead Blog, and today I am very pleased that I have my Blog!

Hello to readers and news of Blog Finehotelholidaysecret

I invite all to celebrate with me!

The day before yesterday, my Blog was visited by a record number of unique users – 137 people. I am very glad of this small victory and glad to see you all on the pages of my project!

Today, my Blog is existed for more than 9 months, but it is still quite small (from the point of view of the terrible world of digitalization), and every step in its development is a great achievement for me!