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Versailles, France: a great town to visit

город Версаль, Франция

It’s time to return to the story of our New Year’s trip to France in January 2020. If you remember, we celebrated the New Year at a hotel in the small town of Versailles, not far from Paris.

Milan, Italy: photo report from our trip

Улицы Милана

Today I invite you to take a walk in the beautiful Italian city of Milan.

Rhodes, Greece: my photo report from the trip

Бухта на острове Родос

Today’s almost jubilee post (already 150 in a row) is dedicated to the country of Greece and the island of Rhodes, so far away for us in this situation when the boarders are closed.

I already wrote about our vacation in 2 hotels earlier, and today I just want to give you a pleasant mood from viewing photos of Rhodes.

Munich, Germany: photo report from our trip

As I promised you earlier, today I will show some photos of Munich as I’ve seen it.

Photo report from Cologne before New Year

Arriving in Cologne from Bensberg, we took advantage of the wonderful weather, and ran to see the city.

Oludeniz, Turkey: photo report from our trip

I want to show you our impressions of Oludeniz, Turkey and tell a little why we went there 3 times already 🙂

Potsdam, Germany: photo report from our trip

In my recent post about our trip to Germany, namely when I’ve written about Berlin, I’ve remembered our very pleasant trip to the suburb of Berlin – Potsdam.

Kos island, Greece: photo report from our trip

Sometimes there is no mood to read a lot of text, but you just want to be inspired by looking at photos from different places of holiday in different countries.

So I’ve decided to create such a topic of photo stories from the places that we’ve visited to inspire you to visit different corners of our planet.