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Monobank Platinum. Is it worth saving miles?

В небе над Турцией

Finally, after a year, I’m ready to tell you all the details of using the “Accumulation of miles” option on the Monobank Platinum card.

Having opened such cards in November 2019, my husband and I decided that we would save miles for one card, and leave cashback on the second card.

Palace of Versailles: how I made my dream come true

Версальский дворец

I was very happy that we would be spending a few nights in the town of Versailles, because thanks to this, we will be able to walk for a long time in the complex of the Palace of Versailles.

Mailing hotels in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt: before and after

Four Seasons Resort Sharm el Sheikh

Before every trip to hotels, I like to write them e-mails 🙂 I do this to understand whether the hotel sees my reservation, and also to ask for a room in a quiet place (which is very important for me).

And after returning from the hotels, I am preparing a post about each of them, the link to which I am sending them with gratitude to our vacation.

How to book hotels on Booking and pay less

Alcala on Tenerife island

Today I will have a short post, but hopefully useful for you.

I will make a big confession – at first time I discovered this opportunity just a few weeks ago 🙂 Just don’t laugh 🙂

How to book a hotel in Paris but stay in another city

Now I will explain why we did not celebrate the New Year in Paris.

Back in July 2019, I booked the Hotel Atmospheres in Paris on the website of the hotel for 3 nights, and I received corresponding confirmation.

Our long road to Paris: Germany is the first stop.

Самолет WizzAir

As you remember, thanks to my creative skills, our journey to Paris turned out to be very long: Kyiv-Dortmund-Cologne-Dusseldorf-Versailles-Paris.

My silly story of buying tickets from Kyiv to Paris

I’ve dreamed of going to Paris for several years, and finally it was time to fulfill this dream and go to New Year vacation.

Having studied all the options for flights to Paris, in the spring I’ve found a wonderful, simple and comfortable flight from KLM on the route Kyiv-Amsterdam-Paris 31.12.19.

From Strasbourg to Colmar, France

In the 100th anniversary blog post I want to tell you about my birthday present – a trip to Colmar from Strasbourg.

How to find tickets from Strasbourg to Kyiv: my funny story

As you already understood, I also searched for return tickets from Strasbourg to Kyiv for a long time, and chose the “very direct” way home via Istanbul.

Well, actually I’m almost not to blame, Istanbul accidentally appeared on this route 🙂 and now I will tell you why 🙂