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My souvenirs from trips: it’s time to replenish collection

Музей миниатюр Miniatur Wunderland Гамбург

Now it’s time to show you the last piece of souvenir cups in our collection at the moment.

My travel souvenirs: some memories from our trips

Музей миниатюр Гамбург

At first, my rubric with souvenirs from trips seemed to me not so interesting, but then, sorting my souvenirs to show you, I realized that it makes me happier.

My travel souvenirs: I continue to show the collection

Last time I showed you the third part of my collection of souvenir cups, and I continue to show the following.

My souvenirs from trips: there are more cute cups

Last time I showed you the second part of my collection of souvenir cups, and I continue to show the next part of it.

I like to sort through them now, remembering our trips, and dreaming of new ones 🙂

I hope that my collection of cups will improve your mood at least a little 🙂

My travel souvenirs: check out my collection

Thanks to everyone for sharing your favorite travel souvenirs.

I continue to show you my collection of souvenirs – small cups that we bring from different cities and countries. I’ve started talking about them here.

Souvenirs in my home: what I bring from every trip

When we just started our trips with my husband, we decide that we need to bring souvenirs from there for ourselves.