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Tenerife island: quiet and picturesque village of Alcala

Alcala, остров Тенерифе

Two years ago, at this time, I was happy to prepare for our first trip to the Canary Islands – to the island of Tenerife.

Our holiday on Tenerife: impressions and tips

To finish my long story about our vacation on Tenerife in May 2019, I want to tell you a little about our stay on the island and to share with you our impressions.

Our third hotel on Tenerife: Iberostar Selection Sabila

I’ve chosen this hotel a long time ago, because I love new hotels. A few years ago, it was opened after a major reconstruction of the entire building and rooms, and the hotel has become only for adults.

Yes, I did understand that the location of the hotel and the absence of its territory are the biggest drawbacks for us, but still decided to take a chance and try it.

Our second hotel on Tenerife: Iberostar Selection Anthelia

The second our hotel to stay on the island of Tenerife was the hotel Iberostar Selection Anthelia.

Choosing this hotel was more difficult than choosing the first one.
I’ve seen this hotel a long time ago, and I was convinced of the correctness of my preliminary choice, after reading the wonderful review of my good friend Polina.

Literally a month before the trip, I’ve realized that I shouldn’t go to the hotel I’ve booked in the north of the island (it’s colder there than in the west and south, but I wanted some warmth and swimming in the ocean). Why did it come to me so late, who knows 🙂

Our first hotel on Tenerife: Gran Melia Palacio de Isora

This hotel I was choosing for a long time, because I’ve wanted a combination of territory, location and pleasant infrastructure.

I’ve managed to book a hotel at a promotional price on the website of the hotel shortly before the trip, which was a great surprise for me (usually hotels get more expensive when there is not a lot of time left before the trip).