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Our funny adventures for the first time in Paphos, Cyprus

Пейзаж в Пафосе, Кипр

As I promised you in my post about our experience of staying at the ELYSIUM Hotel, Paphos, on the island of Cyprus, I am telling you our funny story of getting to know Paphos for the first time.

Unfunny story about my relationship with the sun in Greece

Греция, остров Родос: пейзажи

I continue to tell you about our funny and strange travel situations.

And today I will tell you why I do not like to sunbathe 🙂

As you remember, in July 2011 we went on our first trip to Greece, to the island of Rhodes.

It was a great holiday that was overshadowed by a small problem – the weather.

First time by car to Poland: our winter adventures

Улицы Варшавы

The most unusual, difficult, but memorable trip we made in the winter to celebrate the New Year in Poland. I would even call it a big adventure, but with a happy ending 🙂

Stories from our trips: adventures at a water park in Bulgaria

Only now I realized that our trip to Bulgaria was full of ridiculous adventures.

Stories from trips to Croatia with a happy ending

We went to Croatia after trips to Montenegro and Bulgaria. We liked the vacation in this country so much that we visited there 3 times, however, in different regions.

Stories from our trips: a very difficult route to Bulgaria

I continue to tell you about our ridiculous and strange situations when traveling.

And today, a post-thriller about our road to Bulgaria. I do not recommend reading it to everyone who is faint and impressionable 🙂

Our funny adventures on the road to Montenegro

The quarantine period continues and affects the mood to write travel reviews.
So I’ve decided to start a new rubric (thanks to my designer Dasha for the idea) about the curiosities and funny situations in our trips.