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Karolino-Bugaz, Zolotoy Bugaz, Ukraine: townhouses

Золотой Бугаз, таунхаусы

And again with you is the rubric of my beloved sister about their vacation with her husband and child 🙂

At the beginning of May 2021, unexpectedly, as always, the holidays came and it turned out that we needed to drive around our car before our big trip to Turkey (I’ll tell you about it later).

Apartments in the center of Lviv: our experience in 2020

Центр Львова, Украина

Meet the second part of the review of my sister’s winter vacation, who visited the West of Ukraine in December 2020.

Winter holidays in the Carpathians: a cottage for 100 euro

Коттедж Пятое Колесо, Карпаты

Please read a new review from my beloved sister, who managed to go on a short but eventful vacation to the West of Ukraine in December 2020.

Review of Citadel Inn hotel, Lviv, Ukraine

Здание отеля Citadel Inn, Львов

In one of my posts about our adventures during a road trip to Poland in winter, I told you about a short stop in Lviv.

For this stop, I chose at that time the new hotel Citadel Inn 5 *, located not far from the center.

Review of the hotel Ternopil, city Ternopil, Ukraine

Спальня в номере гостиницы Тернополь

It’s been a long time since I pleased you with new hotel reviews. And today a review about our short stay at the hotel Ternopil and not just a review, but an explanation of why I so rarely stay in hotels in Ukraine.

Carpathians: vacation in hotel VIP-Residence, Bukovel

Today I offer to you to read the great review from our leading journalist and my sister Polina Novikova!

Back in 2007, I’ve accidentally visited Bukovel, which was just in the beginning to be built. The resort was like a solid construction site and it was not very clear what would come of it.

And thanks to fortune, my family and I’ve ended up in Bukovel, Ukraine.

Continue the journey. Transcarpathia

The next landmark for me was our trip to celebrate New Year in Transcarpathia.

It was then that I’ve finally decided that I will not go to the mountains and snow in winter 🙂

I’ll tell you why 🙂


The beginning of my way. Crimea

Why I love hotels so much?

To answer this question, I need to go back to the very beginning of my life 🙂

I was born and raised in Kyiv, the capital of my wonderful Ukraine.

My passion for traveling was giving to me by my parents when I was only 6 months old 🙂