Choosing a hotel in Paris: possible, but difficult

Париж, январь 2020

As you remember, we celebrated New Year 2020 in Versailles, a suburb of Paris, and then went to stay at my dream city. Choosing a hotel in Paris turned out to be a task not for the faint of heart 🙂 I did not spend so much time on any of the 88 hotels where we lived for these years 🙂

First, after reading reviews about travel to Paris, I decided to choose a hotel depending on the area in which it is located. I read a lot of information, where it is possible and where it is not, where it is bad and good, etc. But … it didn’t help 🙂

Then I decided to go my own way: choose a hotel according to the criteria that are important to me. Namely:
– price (since in Paris it can be infinite, I had to limit myself to a strict budget)
– location (close to the main attractions that I wanted to see)
– availability of SPA with sauna / steam room / pool
– breakfast buffet (not a croissant with coffee, which I don’t drink )
– the rooms are of a normal size (not 10 m2, of which there are a lot in this city)

And if it was easier to solve the issue with the desired location and normal rooms, then with breakfast and the price it was more difficult, and the most unrealistic thing was to find the SPA in a hotel not of the 5-star deluxe level, which were beyond my budget.

There are not so a lot of Parisian hotels that offer a good breakfast. We like to have a good breakfast so that later we can enjoy running around the city all day long. But it turned out that there are some, and even among the 4-star ones, among which I decided to choose.

But everything was incredibly difficult with the SPA: the pool had to be abandoned, because it was either in hotels far from the center, or in conference hotels without a soul, or in very expensive hotels. After I swept aside the pool of my criteria, it turned out that there are hotels, even small ones, which have either a hammam, or a steam room, or a sauna.

So I managed to find our option – a small 4-star hotel, with a very interesting interior, in an excellent quiet location in the center, with a small but tasty breakfast buffet, nice rooms and even with a sauna and steam room.

And what the hotel it is, I will tell you next time 🙂

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