Cologne suburb – Bensberg: how to get there

On the way to Bensberg, as you remember, we gave up and decided to take Uber to our hotel in the suburbs of Cologne, which I already wrote about here.

But I immediately decided that we would return to Cologne by a more interesting road.

Arriving in Bensberg, we went for a walk there, along the way, puzzled to find a way to Cologne.

For some reason, from home I could not find how to get directly to Cologne from Bensberg, the route led me first to the neighboring Bergisch Gladbach, and from there to Cologne.

And literally right away we saw a railway line with a nice stop and decided what we needed to go there. But this stop was far from the hotel, so we decided to find if there was a closer option.

And so we found it – the terminal station Bensberg of a local train or KVB train. On the KVB website you can find any route from / to Cologne.

This turned out to be a very convenient train that goes through Bensberg and further through other towns and takes you to Cologne in 40 minutes, driving through a calm and pretty province.

We got there from the hotel in 15 minutes, but could not immediately buy tickets (3 eur per person) in the machine, not noticing that it only accepts cash and only coins, but then we dealt with it, got on the train and drove off.

Along the way, people was coming in, and we arrived in Cologne in an almost full carriage.

The trip was calm and interesting, we liked it. And since Bensberg himself also deserves the attention of those who have time staying in Cologne, then we recommend this route for visiting this interesting town.

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