Croatia. Here we go again! Admiral Grand Hotel, Slano

Our next hotel was the new 5-star Admiral Grand Hotel, which is located in the village of Slano, 30 km from Dubrovnik.

This is the new hotel, built in the form of a single not very tall building right on the beach in the depths of the bay of the village of Slano.

Paying for the cheapest room category, we were lucky to get a room with quite a decent side sea view.

When I’ve entered the room, I felt real delight and joyfully began to consider all its details.

This was my first 5-star holiday experience and I was so thrilled!

The room was big and comfortable but my greatest admire was of bathroom.

I was especially pleased with the set of towels in the bathroom: there were just a huge amount (probably the biggest one that we later met), they were all of excellent quality, huge size and smelled great 🙂

Also I’ve liked so much a set of cosmetics in the bathroom: beautiful jars on all occasions with excellent quality and a crazy pleasant smell 🙂

In general, there was a threat not to leave the bathroom and stay there to spend your holidays 🙂

The hotel was built right on the seashore, where the outdoor pool, the beach and the outdoor terrace of the restaurant were comfortably housed.

The whole beach was covered with small pebbles of light color, making a pleasant color of the sea at the entrance. But then the sea was not as lively and interesting as, for example, in Orebic and Mlini, apparently due to the fact that the beach was too civilized for hotel guests.

The food we had was a traditional breakfast-dinner option in a pleasant restaurant with an open terrace by the sea. The breakfasts were good, for dinner the choice of dishes was not great, but everything was cooked deliciously and with soul.

The most memorable was the dessert made from large round macaroni (similar to Italian pasta rigatoni), which were folded in the form of a cake and smeared with cream 🙂 It was the pinnacle of culinary art, we never saw anything like it anywhere else 🙂

While preparing for the trip, I was pleased to find that the hotel has a SPA center with our favorite saunas. Arriving at the hotel, we’ve immediately asked at the reception whether the use of saunas was for a fee. We were told that they do not know (this is in the same hotel :)) and we had better go directly to the SPA itself. There the staff kindly explained to us that the use of the sauna complex is for a fee and we visited it with pleasure every day, being the only visitors there.

!!! My recommendation. Those who, like us, like to visit saunas, I advise you to pay attention to them in hotels and clarify the conditions of their visit (I do it right from home, sending an email to the hotel). Very often, the visit is included in the room rate, sometimes it is must be paid additionally.

Slano is a small village around the bay with very beautiful beaches and the color of the sea for lovers to admire. At that time, he seemed to us to be absolutely quiet and relaxing.

We’ve really enjoyed this holiday. Successfully combining 3 and 5 star hotels and various places of rest, we’ve got the most from our 2 week vacation.

I believe that such villages on the coast of Southern Croatia are an excellent place for a good rest by the beautiful sea.

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