Egypt: a great first vacation. Hotel Hyatt Regency Sharm

I apologize to all my readers for the long absence of new posts – I’ve had a lot of work lately 🙂

To continue our sea holidays, I’ve decided that it was time to find some more interesting sea. I’ve wanted the sea to be warm, beautiful and interesting for snorkeling, which my husband enjoys.

In Croatia and Greece, we’ve lacked exactly snorkeling, and the sea temperature was often not so warm.

After a long search and study of the nearest sea resorts from the point of view of the presence of all the requirements we’ve needed, I’ve decided to try Egypt.

I’ve understood that in Egypt there are some negatives, such as: special national mentality, the general level of the hotel base and the service in hotels is not high but decided to try. I was fascinated by the photos of the incredibly beautiful Red Sea and the great opportunities for interesting snorkeling there.

For the first holiday in Egypt, I’ve chosen the resort of Sharm El Sheikh and 2 hotels there.

I can admit that it was scary to go there in September 2013 after the events connected with the revolution in July 2013. We’ve even canceled one tour, but seeing that it was quiet and calm at the resorts, we’ve booked the next tour 🙂 Yes, here we are such a risky people 🙂

I will say right away that we were very pleased with this holiday, did not see any inconvenience and did not feel in danger during the 2 weeks of our holiday.

Our first hotel in trip was Hyatt Regency Sharm 5 *.

I’ve chosen it, deciding that the hotel from the global network could be with the higher level of service than other Egyptian hotels and in the end it turned out that I did a very good choice.

The strengths of the hotel:

– one of the most beautiful territories among the hotels that we have seen (green, beautiful, great for walking and relaxing, crazy sea views everywhere)

excellent concept of Regency Club Room rooms (separate buildings with rooms, a separate lounge with breakfasts, evening cocktails and snacks, their own pools and a private beach with service during the day)

a good size room with a spacious bathroom and a large balcony with a direct view of the sea (these rooms are located closest to the sea and not far from the private beach)

excellent service everywhere

excellent SPA with sauna, steam room and Jacuzzi (there are a separate area for men and an area for women which is free to use to hotel guests)

a wonderful sea with a great reef at the hotel (for us it was just cosmically unexpected and beautiful, we fell in love with the Red Sea once and for all)

concept of dinners in the open-air restaurant Souk (each visitor is given a bag of coins that you can change to any of the cooking stations, for example, steaks, fish, snacks, desserts, Asian cuisine, etc.)

good pools and sun beds

FB concept with drinks included (all dishes were cooked to your order, with good cooking quality)

– good dinners (served according to the menu)

– there is a simple water slide, but very cool 🙂

Negatives of the hotel:

tired rooms and areas in buildings that require good repair

– the breakfasts in the main restaurant were not bad, but really could be much better at a hotel of this level

lunches only in the open air (it was VERY hot to have lunch in the middle of the day in these cafes by the beach and by the pool, not everyone could stand it)

club rooms have a beach with an entrance to the sea only from a fixed pier (although on the main beach you can enter the sea both from the pier and from the shore).

I do recommend the hotel to those who appreciate a great reef and the sea, good territory and service, a concept that creates an atmosphere of relaxation in the hotel.

Definitely club rooms and their concept are worth it to pay for it.

We were very pleased with our holiday here so we even repeated this hotel (and not even once) :), although we usually do not do so 🙂

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