Fast Line of Boryspil airport, Kyiv: useful information

Many times we have used the Fast Line services of Boryspil Airport thanks to the premium card from Monobank, but each time it looked different, and during our trip in May 2021 we were not able to use this service at all. And now I’ll tell you why.

Fast Line is a separate check-in counter where you (if you have the card of premium level) can check in for your flight, get your boarding pass and drop off your luggage faster than at the regular check-in counter.

Аэропорт Борисполь, Fast Line

In May 2021, we saw a large number of people willing to use it, but since there were more people at the check-in of our company, then we stayed in this queue.

As a result, we learned that we cannot use Fast Line services, because we are flying with an airline that is not served by Fast Line and has not signed an appropriate contract. And because of this, after 40 minutes of useless standing in line, we had to run to the check-un counter of our airline.

Now I will briefly tell you, as of June 2021, which airlines and how are served at the Fast Line counter.

Such airlines are not served at the Fast Line counter (which means that you immediately need to go to the airline counter and not stand in line here): AZUR AIR, AIRBALTIC, BELAVIA.

If you are flying with one of these airlines, then a Fast Line counter employee will take you to the appropriate counter, where check-in for ther flight is taking place, and will help you to serve you with priority: LUFTHANSA, AUSTRIAN AIRLINES, CHECH AIRLINES, SWISS, BRUSSELS AIRINES, SKY UP, KLM , AIR FRANCE, EL AL, TURKISH AIRLINES, IRAQI AIRWAYS, FLY DUBAI, LAUDAMOTION, RYANAIR, PEGASUS AIRLINES (we already had this experience with this airline).

Regarding ANADOLU and SUNEXPRESS flights, you need to check at the Fast Line counter immediately, without standing in line there. There is no exact information on them yet.

If you have the flight with other airlines, so you can use services of Fast Line counter.

Now, before each departure, I will check with my bank, about airline that I fly with whether it serves at the Fast Line counter. Otherwise, I don’t want to get upset and stand in line in vain 🙂

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