First vacation in Croatia: Aminess Grand Azur Hotel Peljesac

Our next trip to distant lands was the much anticipated by me, our first trip to Croatia in 2008.

I’ve read a lot of information and looked for such a beautiful sea that was in the beloved Crimean bay of Laspi and in Montenegro.

So I found it in Croatia, namely in the South Dalmatia region on the Pelješac peninsula.

Pelješac Peninsula is located 100 km from Dubrovnik Airport.

This is a quiet and very pretty peninsula, where winemaking is very developed. The coast consists of remarkable bays, surrounded by mountains and decorated with green coniferous trees and typical plants of the Mediterranean region.

The large city of Pelješac Peninsula is Orebic in 115 km from the airport, where we headed. The transfer did not hurry anywhere :), so we drove for more than 2 hours.

For our holiday, I’ve chosen the Grand Hotel Orebic, which has now changed its name and is called Aminess Grand Azur Hotel Peljesac

This is a 4 star hotel, that at the time of our holiday was new, which attracted me to it.

As my practice later showed, new hotels or hotels that had been renovated before your arrival, this is the most wonderful and right choice!

The hotel is well located right by the sea, with its own beach, swimming pool, beautiful views of the sea and mountains. At the same time, it is only 10 minutes from the center of Orebic along the beautiful promenade.

We’ve arrived late in the evening, we were treated to a late dinner and offered to stay for one night in two single rooms with sea view, as our double room with a view of the mountains was vacated only the next day. We’ve agreed and in the morning were rewarded with the beauty of the view from the room.

After moving to our room, we’ve realized that it would be better to stay in those rooms 🙂

Our room was not much larger than a single, but it did not have a balcony and there was a view of the parking lot.

That was the lesson to me how to choose the hotel rooms: it is better to pay a little more, but get a guaranteed pleasant look and conditions.

The beach near the hotel is pebbly, the entrance to the sea is pleasant. Many guests liked to be settled down by the pool on sunbeds and went swimming in the sea.

The food was breakfast-dinner (HB), so we gladly walked to Orebic and bought all sorts of goodies for lunch.

Orebic is a small pleasant town with a promenade and pretty houses and villas, which is framed with a beautiful background in the form of beautiful mountains.

It has supermarkets, a market, butcher’s shops and other shops, as well as cafes and restaurants.

I was very glad that I chose this place to stay, because the sea was wonderful: clear, clean, with fish and at the same time at a pleasant temperature. We’ve walked along the coast and saw a lot of bays with the beautiful sea.

Definitely recommend this region for a holiday.
Here you can choose a hotel or an apartment, or a villa.

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