Free PCR test from Monobank: new conditions 2021

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As Platinum card holders from Monobank, we were pleased to use the free testing service upon arrival at the Boryspil airport, Kyiv. This service is provided by Monobank in partnership with the Mastercard payment system.

Recently, the conditions for PCR testing have changed, and now the owners of the Platinum package can take the test at the airport (once every 3 months) or in one of the clinics in Kyiv (4 times a year). This service is provided by the Visa payment system.

So we decided to try out how this system works when passing a test in Kyiv. And it turned out that this quest is not for the faint of heart 🙂

First, I wrote in support of Monobank, where I received the answer that in order to receive this service, you need to contact the Visa bot or call by the number of the ARX insurance company.

As a result, I played with the Visa bot in the telegram, where I was told that I needed to call ARX 044-498-03-09. You can enroll in the following clinics:
– Osoblivi, Dila, Dobrobut, Medlab, Onklinik, Adonis.

After calling the insurance number, I received an SMS with a link to the ARX bot in a viber or telegram.

When you get into the ARX bot, you are offered a choice of services: PCR testing, Telemedical consultation, Medical concierge, Psychologist consultation, Callback order.

By clicking on the PCR testing, the bot asked to send my data, my phone number, then indicate my full name, date of birth, location, indicate the Visa card level, country of travel, flight number and date, flight departure time, wishes at the location of the medical institution, additional wishes.

After that, you need to wait for the connection with the operator, who got in touch with me after 2.5 hours and said that they, for their part, requested confirmation of the level of my card in Monobank and you need to wait.

After 1.5 hours, I was confirmed by the appointment at the clinic for the test. What immediately surprised me was that in Dobrobut, according to the operator, there is no appointment for a time, you can come at any time from 8 to 18. It seems inconvenient to me, and it is unclear how long you will have to sit in line. To this the operator replied that the queues there are small, because everyone gets an email ticket and the queue is moving fast.

I needed to change the day of the test, which I again wrote to the operator. It took another 3 hours to change the date.

And my husband had no connection at all with the operator for almost a whole day after he left to confirm the level of my husband’s card. He had to send the request again, after which the operator appeared in touch and confirmed the record.

Here is such a complex system for obtaining a free test for holders of Monobank premium cards. Whether to follow this path is your choice 🙂 But I hope that the insurance company ARX will soon organize the process and communication will be more efficient.

If you use this path, set aside time (1-2 days) so as not to worry and not twitch that no one answers you 🙂

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