Hamburg, Germany: our photo report from trip

Today I invite you to a short photo trip through the interesting and unusual city of Hamburg, located in northern Germany.

We went there for the New Year holidays, and the weather was not very beautiful, but the city was unexpectedely beautiful 🙂

It was not so cold as constantly gray and very windy. But if you properly dressed like a cabbage and put 2 caps on your head, then everything becomes not so bad 🙂

There are a lot of interesting things to do and see in Hamburg: this is the old city, the town hall, the new city, the port with the embankment, parks and many museums, the philharmonic with unusual architecture, and even its pretty lake, it also has a lot of places for good shopping, and it’s just very nice city to roam the streets endlessly.

My favorite place in Hamburg is, of course, the area of old port warehouses. There are a lot of very unusual walks there, and a lot of photos.

And it’s time for a photosto inspire you! 🙂

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