Hotel overview: Imperial Hotel, Vilnius

The next destination on our New Year’s journey was Vilnius.

It was the most difficult hotel choice for all our recent trips. I don’t know why, but I couldn’t choose what I really want, as a result, there was not much time left before the trip, and I had to choose some option.

Before the trip, as usual, I wrote a letter to the hotel, for which, for the first time in many of our hotel trips, I did not receive an answer.

We’ve arrived at the hotel in the evening, we found the separate building of the hotel immediately.

At the reception we were greeted warmly and happily informed that they provided us with a room with 2 beds 🙂 We did not argue and decided that we could survive 2 nights 🙂

Reception at the hotel is very small, but there is a small cozy lounge-room nearby, even with a working fireplace.

Our room was located again on the 3rd floor and the windows overlooked the courtyard. It was quiet, but we’ve got very noisy neighbors, whose fun in the company could be heard for almost half the night.

The room is small, but minimally enough for a short stay.

There is a coffee maker with coffee capsules, using this unit you can warm up some water for tea (there are tea bags, sugar too), which is not always convenient. If you need a normal kettle, it is better to immediately contact the reception. Free drinking water is not offered here.

The beds are with hard mattresses, the pillows are quite good, sleep is comfortable.

The room is warm, but it is constantly blowing out of the air conditioner. As described in the hotel booklet, this is such forced ventilation for the convenience of guests. I did not find convenience in this, because it is blowing right on the bed, and there is no way to turn off this “pleasant” option. While there is real winter outside the window, there is absolutely no desire for this, even if it is not a cold air.

The bathroom is very small, but well equipped. The bathroom itself with a mirror on the wall somehow reminded me of a train 🙂 Probably because of its strange decoration.

There is a wardrobe with an extra blanket, bathrobes and slippers.

In general, the room is not bad, but it does not reach the 5-star hotel standards.

Wifi is good. TV with multiple channels, without a USB connector.

Breakfast at the hotel are on the 1st floor, in a separate room.
On the first morning, we were greeted by a breakfast buffet. Drinks (coffee, tea, prosecco, etc.) are provided by a very pleasant waiter girl. Ordered cocoa was terrible 🙂 But I rarely get lucky to get proper cocoa in hotels 🙂

On the second morning the buffet was limited to minimal snacks, and the main dishes had to be ordered from the menu through the waiter.

We’ve ordered Benedict eggs (it was not so bad but not the best), porridge and wonderful pancakes with curd.

In general, the breakfasts make a very pleasant impression: a good choice, excellent service, a good place. This is clearly the strongest positive side of the hotel.

The hotel was chosen due to its location (located at the beginning of the main tourist street of the Old Town), as well as due to the availability of a free spa with Jacuzzi and steam room.

This complex is free for guests from the morning and until 15.00.
To use, you need to inform the reception desk and wait until the steam room warms up.

The SPA room is a very small and very uncomfortable. There is only one stone bench, jacuzzi and steam room. There is nowhere to relax and unwind, although it is true that there are no place for sun beds, for example.

Be very careful when using the steam room! There is a very hot steam and sitting there for more than a couple of minutes is impossible, it really starts to burn the legs, etc. This is clearly some kind of problem with steam temperature regulation, since in a classic steam room the steam should be heated to a temperature of no more than 40-50 degrees.

We didn’t like this place at all, it’s impossible to relax there, it’s also impossible to sit in a proper steam room.

In general, it was a good choice of hotel for 2 nights, but it seemed to us that the hotel does not match the 5 star level that is stated.

You need to understand this when booking this hotel and if you get good price you can stay at this hotel.

Well, I’ve understood – no compromises, if you feel the right hotel, then it must be booked, to not be able to complain then 🙂

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