Hotel Review: Baron Palace Sahl Hasheesh, Hurghada

The review of this hotel is very long, that’s why I will break it into 2 parts. I hope you don’t get tired of reading it 🙂

This will not only be just a review of the hotel, but also a comparison of changes in the hotel over the 3 years that we have not been here.

Yes, we do not like to return to the same hotel, but we’ve decided to do so, since all the hotel photos from 2016 has lost at the moment when my mobile phone was stolen and I did not copy them 🙁 But how to write a hotel review without photos 🙂 Well, we’ve liked our first stay here in 2016 and we’ve decided to see what has changed in hotel in 2019.

When I thought of starting our 2019 vacation with this hotel, there was very little time left before the vacation, and I understood that the prices for the hotel would already be very high.

I’ve began to dig my favorite booking sites and realized that it was unlikely to be able to find a hotel at a normal price, because for 3 years since our visit there, it has clearly risen in price. But then I’ve remembered my favorite German booking site TUI, where this hotel was offered at a good price as part of the sale.

The reservation was made not directly from the German tour operator TUI, but from his partner L’TUR. I’ve booked a hotel with them at first time, but decided that I should not worry, and in the end everything was fine.

Baron Palace Sahl Hasheesh proudly calls itself not just a 5 star hotel, but a unique hotel with 6 stars. I will say right away that this is an artistic exaggeration 🙂

First impression.
The hotel lobby is large enough, but does not produce a wow effect at once but than you understand that it’s very good.

The hotel reception worked both times quickly and friendly, and we were immediately taken to the room.

The hotel building.
The hotel has 4 floors and 2 wings in a semicircle: for adults only and for family. In the middle is the hotel lobby, main restaurant and a la-carte restaurants.

Both times we’ve stayed in an adult-only building. In 2016, on the 2nd floor overlooking the amphitheater (evening shows are held there, and therefore it is noisy for those who go to bed early).

In 2019, we were settled on the 4th floor with a wonderful side view of the sea and the wasteland, in a very quiet place (as we love).

The room has a normal size, but the bathroom is just small and uncomfortable.

There is a nice spacious balcony. As for two, the room is a suitable size.

The design of the room is very standard, there is no highlight that you expect from a hotel of this level. Nice bed with pillow menu to choose from. There is a sofa and another couch.

There is only a shower in the bathroom, but there is also a bidet. Cosmetics is good. The hair dryer dries hair normally. Towels are enough quantity.

For 3 passed years the room is very tired, perhaps the hotel should think about a gradual renovation. Apparently, it has already begun, as several rooms were undergoing renovations in our wing.

The room remains cool for a very long time, but the air conditioning is quite noisy.

The TV has a USB connector.

The hotel buildings are quite long, so this is a good opportunity for walkers to go to their room. Yes, there are elevators between the floors, but you often need to go far from the rooms to them.

In the second part, please read about the hotel infrastructure, beach and food.

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