Hotel Review: The Oberoi Beach Resort Sahl Hasheesh, final

Finally I’ve post the 2 part of my hotel review of the hotel The Oberoi Beach Resort Sahl Hasheesh, Egypt.

In the second part I will talk about the infrastructure of the hotel.

I’ll start with the territory. I consider the territory of the hotel one of the weaknesses of the hotel. On the one hand, the fact that it is huge is a plus, because a lot of space and room buildings are not concentrated in one place, but on the other hand, the almost complete absence of vegetation is a big minus.

Typically, the territory of hotels in Egypt is such oases in the desert, almost personal botanical gardens (for example, as in the Hyatt Regency hotel). Here the territory is very boring: mostly sands, plus grassy lawns and some trees, flowers near the rooms.

I’ve imagined what a garden city can be made on the territory of this hotel if the management invested such funds. This would immediately highlight the hotel and add to its advantages.

Here is the map of the htotel that you can see how big territory of the hotel.

A big plus of the hotel is its beach. It is very spacious, sunbeds with umbrellas are located at a distance from each other. Sun beds with mattresses, umbrellas are large, do not let in the sun. There are fences from the wind too.

A friendly staff met us on the beach, moved the sunbeds, as it was convenient for us, covered with towels, left bottled water and ice towels. During the day, he brought new water and fruits.

The entrance to the sea is through a short stationary pier, there are 2 entrances: to the left, where there is a longer reef wall and fewer fish, and to the right, where there are more fish. I was very pleased with this reef, because I did not expect that there would be anything to see. But it turned out that the reefs are in excellent condition, colorful and interesting, and there are many fish. Apparently, due to the fact that there are few people, the whole underwater life has been preserved in a good condition.

There are towels on the pier if you want to use it after leaving the sea. Given that the wind is strong enough in this region, this is a great idea.

There is almost no one on the beach, and even when there is, you almost never meet people. Such a place for complete relaxation away from everything. Only you and the sea!

Swimming pool.
There is a single pool near the main restaurant and lobby of the hotel. It is not a big, but with a very beautiful view of the sea.

Given that there are very few people in the hotel, you can always find a place near the pool.

The big problem with this pool is that an incredibly large number of seagulls flock to it, who along the way pollute the hotel. This is the first time I see such a problem with birds being so massive and negative. Perhaps the hotel should solve this problem until customers found it unacceptable.

Gym and spa.
The hotel has a small gym, in the locker rooms there are steam rooms that you can use, reporting 30 minutes before your visit to the reception at the SPA.

I’ll start with breakfast, which is included in the room price.
Breakfast is served in a small restaurant by the pool. There is also a breakfast area outside.

The following is presented in the form of a buffet: several types of freshly squeezed juice, good pastries, several types of cheese (regular, there is no interesting choice), cold cuts (local, terrible quality), red fish, fruits, a set for lovers of breakfast cereals.

The choice is small, but here the menu on each table in which you can order dishes.
We’ve ordered benedict eggs, scrambled eggs, waffles, croutons, oatmeal.
Everything was cooked and served well.

Service at breakfast is excellent, but you will have to wait for your tea / coffee and ordered dishes.

For dinner, we also went to the main restaurant of the hotel, which offers 2 menus: European and Oriental cuisine.

The menu changes every day, so you can always choose something new.
Mostly guests are located outside, but because it gets dark quickly, it’s very inconvenient to order dishes, and then eat them 🙂 Well, taking pictures is inconvenient too.

In general, our dinners were not bad, but we didn’t try anything really tasty there. I think the hotel needs to improve the level of food in the restaurant, because the expectations from it were higher than what we’ve got in reality.

For lunch, you can dine in the snack restaurant or order food in your room.

All expenses are recorded on the room account; it’s convenient to pay for it during the departure from the hotel.

Hotel guests.
Few guests from many countries of the world, all very quiet, calm and pleasant. There are almost no children.

During check out, the employee who drove us and our luggage accidentally dropped our suitcase, which was damaged, it was a small negative touch that generally did not spoil our great impression of the hotel.

Departure from the hotel was quick and pleasant, we would like to express special thanks to the reception staff (Mr. Ehab Magdy) who helped us with a taxi to the next hotel (I’ve described the details in my post).

I definitely recommend the hotel to those who are looking for a relaxing place to stay on the Red Sea and love good rooms, as well as à la carte meals.

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