Hyatt Regency Sharm: faded splendor and lost grandeur

Территория отеля Hyatt Regency Sharm

Yes, here is such a harsh headline for my favorite hotel in Sharm El Sheikh. I’m sorry to write like that, but I have to face it.

This was our 4th visit to the hotel and possibly the last, if the hotel does not change for the better after January 1, 2021, when it finally loses the Hyatt prefix (since July 1, 2020 the hotel is no longer under Hyatt management).

How I wanted to stay at my favorite hotel in this difficult 2020, I can’t even describe to you 🙂 Since July 1, 2020 I was waiting for the opening of the hotel and that happened only in mid-August, but for several weeks I could not book it anywhere (probably there was a sign for me to back down and not go there). But I got my way and brought us there at the beginning of September 2020 by booking the hotel directly.

A very warm meeting with the best and our beloved employee of the hotel,Mr. Mohamed, and a quick check-in awaited us at the reception.

We were given a sea front room with a direct sea view in the left wing of the buildings (if you look at the hotel from the sea). Now the hotel has closed the right wing of the buildings, like our beloved Regency Club, and is carrying out repairs there (this has long been necessary to do throughout the hotel).

Regular style room: very modest in design, yet comfortable. And most importantly, it keeps cool for a long time. The switching on and regulation of the air conditioner and the fan is near the bed (I cannot remember this, although we stayed there many times).

Номер отеля Hyatt Regency Sharm

Номер отеля Hyatt Regency Sharm

Балкон номера отеля Hyatt Regency Sharm

Ванная комната отеля Hyatt Regency Sharm

Ванная комната номера отеля Hyatt Regency Sharm

Номер отеля Hyatt Regency Sharm

The hotel grounds are still very beautiful: very well-groomed, blooming, and good for a long walks.

Территория отеля Hyatt Regency Sharm

Территория отеля Hyatt Regency Sharm

Пирс отеля Hyatt Regency Sharm

Территория отеля Hyatt Regency Sharm

Туннель на пляж отеля Hyatt Regency Sharm

Пляжный ресторан отеля Hyatt Regency Sharm

Пляж отеля Hyatt Regency Sharm

I believe that the territory of the hotel, its pools, views overlooking the sea,

Бассейны отеля Hyatt Regency Sharm

Бассейны отеля Hyatt Regency Sharm

Территория отеля Hyatt Regency Sharm

Бассейны отеля Hyatt Regency Sharm

Основное здание отеля Hyatt Regency Sharm

Бассейны отеля Hyatt Regency Sharm

Бассейны отеля Hyatt Regency Sharm

and an excellent reef with a huge water area for swimming are definitely the best in Sharm el Sheikh. I hope that the new management will not ruin this.

Well, now I’ll tell you the part where everything is not very good, and sometimes frankly bad. This part of my review will be about the food at the hotel.

We stayed at the hotel according to the concept of accommodation + breakfast, having previously checked with the hotel reservation department where it would be possible to have lunch and dinner. We were assured that we can spend lunch and dinner for an extra charge in the main restaurant or in restaurants by the pool or beach.

Arriving at the hotel, we found that there is really no way to have lunch or dinner anywhere but in the main restaurant. Once we went to the main restaurant, we were so shocked, and I was so upset that I even wanted to shorten our stay at the hotel and leave for another hotel. About which I wrote to Mr. Mohamed in a long letter by e-mail.

Thanks to him for negotiating with the hotel management, which eventually offered us to receive meals on the Hard All Inclusive system at the hotel for a surcharge.

What upset us so, I’ll tell you now.

Breakfasts in general can be considered good: there is excellent oatmeal, very tasty pastries, they prepare dishes from eggs to order, several types of good packaged juice (freshly squeezed only lemon), good coffee and tea. At the same time, there was ONLY ONE type of fruit at breakfast, lunch and dinner. We didn’t understand this at all.

There was almost nothing to eat for lunch: the only delicious thing was soup and vegetables. 1 meat dish and 1 fish dish were terribly cooked, and even with not the best quality products.

At dinner there was more choice, but everything was also not tasty. From what we ate, it was 2 kinds of soup, pizza, appetizers, vegetables, good cakes and desserts. The meat and fish were almost the same as at lunch, which means they were completely tasteless. True, once they made a grill on the street: these were beef cutlets, which we also did not eat (they were overcooked, over-salted and over-pepper).

There is waiter service during meal; soft drinks are included in the concept, as well as local wine and beer.

The moment that completely spoiled our dining experience at the hotel was the WHOLE mangoes served at one of the dinners.

To our question to the guest relations manager, WHAT IS THIS, we received a simple answer: what is the problem, the guests like it, you can take it to your room or even take it home 🙁 After this statement, we no longer had questions to the guest relations manager 🙁 (she has been working at the hotel for less than a year and considers herself the right hand of the new management of the hotel), although we hoped that she would be able to convey to the hotel management the horror that we experienced from such food, and all closed a la carte restaurants (the chip and dignity of the hotel, which was used by guests of other hotels and even residents of Sharm El Sheikh for an additional fee).

As it turned out, the whole sad situation with food is due to the fact that with the departure of the Hyatt chain, the foreign management of the hotel left, and the key figures responsible both for the purchase of products and their preparation left behind him. And, unfortunately, the new management does not believe that the hotel should have good food, and is saving on everything.

And we were also surprised that in the main restaurant of the hotel there were almost no signs that the hotel was fighting the spread of the virus: no distributions covered by glass, no distributions by the chef behind the fence, and other things that were in the other 3 hotels on our trip.

The last point was made by ice cream, which can be obtained at a certain time. It turned out to be a terrible frozen liquid, which was poured from a vending machine. I have never eaten more nasty things.

At the moment, the hotel is being sold at a very low price (especially through tour operators), attracting a lot of guests of the appropriate level (who drink alcohol by the pool in the morning, and then arrange noisy gatherings).

It’s sad that the hotel owners do not notice where their property is heading with such a great potential in the hands of such management without strategy and tactics, understanding what a hotel is, without service and respect for their guests.

I think if the hotel continues this policy, it will slide down to the level of the bad five star hotels in Sharm el Sheikh, of which there are a lot, and will lose all its regular customers. And we are especially sorry if such a GORGEOUS infrastructure remains in the hands of such an unprofessional management.

Therefore, we ask the hotel owners to take control of the situation in the hotel and take a number of measures to prevent this from happening.

And for our part, we promise to return there for the 5th time if the situation improves and the hotel regains its unique level and face 🙂

2 Replies to “Hyatt Regency Sharm: faded splendor and lost grandeur”

  1. IM says:

    We stayed there last week (14-21/05/2022) and what you described is precisely what it is now. Nothing changed and it is painful to see how the current owners and management have ruined such a luxurious resort. What I would add is Russian animators and SPA attendants harassing guests to use their activities several times a day. Painful. They just converted a splendid high end resort to a cheap Russian hotel from 1980s.

    1. admin says:

      Hello, IM!
      Oh, I’m so sorry that your vavction wasn’t as good as can be expected from such a great resort as Hyatt was.
      We stayed at Hyatt in September 2021 and The Club was much better experience but with the whole hotel is the same situation.

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