Italy: voyage as a dream come true. Florence.

After spending very little time in Milan, we’ve moved to our next city, Florence.

We went there for the first time on the Trenitalia high-speed train and we’ve really enjoyed it: fast, convenient, interesting and cool 🙂

I’ve bought the train tickets in advance through the Trenitalia website, after having studied a million materials on how to book train tickets in Italy 🙂 Thanks to such a good work, I’ve bought tickets for us at a very good price and was glad that I did it successfully 🙂 (I always feel responsibility when I organize our trips, and I always worry that everything goes according to the plan).

Among the hotels I’ve chosen the hotel Firenze Number Nine.

I will say right away – we’ve really liked the hotel and I definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking for a not very large hotel, but with a full range of services.

What I’ve liked about the hotel:

– great service

– a cozy and very pleasant room with an interesting solution to the ceiling beams and two windows

– excellent comfortable bathroom (after a complete renovation)

good breakfasts with a good choice and quality of products

comfortable spa with a small pool, sauna, Finnish sauna and steam room

– a pleasant lobby area where it is very convenient to spend time (there is even a real fireplace)

excellent location of the hotel (5 minutes to the charming Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore and 10 minutes to the train station)

What I did not like in the hotel:

strange disposal of breakfast dishes (in several places, in different rooms, it is not immediately clear where and what is located)

not very comfortable breakfast room (cramped and dark)

– there is a little space for some rest near the wellness area

I’ve really liked Florence. Its possibly to talk about it forever! But it is best to go there and see everything yourself!

Yes, this city has such a difficult character, a bit dull and gloomy.

But at the same time it is a great city for pleasant walks, excellent culinary experiences, interesting shopping, beautiful photos, knowledge of history and art!

In general, there is everything and even more! 🙂
Be sure to come to Florence, you will not regret it!

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