Italy: voyage as a dream come true. Milan.

We’ve traveled to different countries and hotels, and, finally, came to the time to make my husband’s dream come true – to see Rome. Therefore, for our next New Year’s trip to Europe, I’ve decided to make an Italian voyage with the main star the city Rome. But since it seemed to me that Rome alone would not be enough, I’ve decided to add Florence to see.

When I’ve started searching for air tickets, I’ve found it cheaper to fly to Milan, because our favorite low cost WizzAir flies to the airport of Bergamo (a suburb of Milan). And so, quite accidentally, Milan was also added, and thus the trip turned into a voyage 🙂

The first funny impression we’ve got from the airport of Bergamo. After exiting the plane, we’ve entered the airport building, which turned out to be tiny, and the waiting area of the border passage reminded us of a large tent 🙂

Coming out of the airport, we’ve taken a shuttle bus to Milan (travels fast and straight to Milan railway station, from where it was close to our hotel).

To celebrate the New Year, I’ve chosen the Grand Visconti Palace by Mgallery hotel (at that time the hotel was part of this network, now it is not part of it).

The main tasks that I was expecting from the hotel:

– conditions for a good meeting of New Year (good room in a great hotel)

good location to get close to the main attractions, because we like to walk a lot and had a little time to see the city

good breakfasts with a large selection and excellent service.

The hotel adequately handled these tasks.

What has confused me in this hotel:

old rooms without fresh renovation (no scuffs were visible, but room repair was already very much requested, but the bathroom was quite good after renovation) and small in size with a very small bathroom

– the main restaurant was very spacious, but it was not cozy, it seemed that you were in a cool canteen 🙂

I will briefly say about Milan.
We’ve really liked this city, even though I did not expect any super effect from seeing it.

It’s a very comfortable, cute city, with a beautiful Duomo cathedral (it’s secret beauty is especially great in the evening with beautiful lighting), pleasant parks, great castle and a large shopping options 🙂

I would love to go back there, the one night and one day was not quite enough for a complete meeting.

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