Kempinski Soma Bay Hotel, Egypt: 5 years later

As you remember, in 2014 we’ve visited the Kempinski Soma Bay Hotel in the suburbs of Hurghada, Egypt and loved this hotel.

Therefore, the whole vacation in Hurghada in 2019, I’ve planned with this hotel, because we were bored of the great reef that I already wrote about, and more and more often we remembered our successful stay here.

I’ve booked a hotel on my favorite Reserving website 10 months before the trip at a very low price, having caught a great offer on it.

Kempinski Soma Bay was our third hotel on a trip to Egypt in 2019. And the final hotel in holiday is always should be the best for complete pleasure 🙂

We’ve arrived at the hotel tired of the nervous road there using a UBER taxi (I wrote about this in more detail here), but early, that’s why we were asked to wait, because the room was not ready.

This time, unlike the last visit in 2014, they took a deposit, blocking the money on the card.

We immediately went to the beach (around 12.30.) And realized that the main change in the hotel is that now there are sooo many guests. Barely found a place on the adult part of the beach. On the beach, there is a division into the family and adult parts.

The beach and the sea are still beautiful. The entrance to the sea is long and gentle, not far from the coast there are few corals with fish, which 5 years ago were in a more beautiful and lively condition than now.

We’ve settled into a lagoon view category room with a view of the lagoon and shops of the village. Everything is fine in the room, it is clear that the hotel is carrying out constant repairs. We’ve noticed from the changes that now soft drinks (cola, sprite, juices) are not included in the room price and are paid separately. Water in the room is available free of charge.

Still excellent services of the SPA center with a swimming pool, a separate area with a sauna, a steam room and a jacuzzi for girls and boys, which are included in the price.

The hotel infrastructure and its pools, as well as last time, made us happy, there are always places, employees on the beach and pool spread out towels, open umbrellas, bring water, and are always friendly.

The service and cleaning both in the room and in the hotel territory is on top level. In the evenings there is also room service.

The territory is great 🙂

The main and our constant admiration is the hotel kitchen. Even now, after 5 years, the main restaurant The View has an excellent selection and quality of cooking. The hotel operates on HB system (breakfast-dinner).

Breakfast pleases with the choice and the opportunity to order dishes from eggs, pancakes, waffles and Arabic dishes. A glass of sparkling wine adds charm to a pleasant hotel morning and makes breakfast even more wonderful. The only problem is the expectation of coffee and tea, because now there are much more guests, but the staff is doing everything possible to serve all guests faster.

For dinner, an excellent selection of cheeses, fruits, and delicious desserts (which is often a problem in hotels) are still pleasing. The fish cooking station is at your service and offers a choice of 2-4 types of fresh fish daily. A really great experience, the difficulties were only with the preparation of tuna, which was cooked wrong way (dried and not tasty). Soups, the meat station (ribs, meatballs, steaks and other joys for meat lovers) are also on the high level.

Drinks at dinner are not included in the price, and are paid separately, even water. You just need to be prepared for this. All expenses are recorded on the room account.

The beautiful outdoor terrace of the restaurant is still a favorite place for those who like to enjoy sea views in the morning.

At the moment, the cuisine of this hotel is the best among all the hotels in Egypt that we’ve visited (14 hotels). I definitely recommend the hotel to those who looks for a really great food at the hotel.

The only problem we had during the check-out with the receptionist who was unable to get from the same card where the money had been blocked before, the amount of our expenses at the hotel and for some reason persistently and even indignantly informed us about this. We’ve proposed to solve the problem, because before that, everything was fine with the card, which he finally did with the help of an invited specialist. We did not receive any apologies and left with a strange impression of such a goodbye service.

But, despite this, we had a great time at this hotel, the only significant drawback was a big number of guests in the hotel. Otherwise, Kempinski Soma Bay is still an excellent hotel with good rooms, food, rich infrastructure, good service and wonderful sea. We were pleased with our return to this hotel and thank the entire hotel team for a wonderful stay!

Well, the nearby beautiful reef, to which you can be taken from the hotel by micro-bus (that is very convenient), is a wonderful occasion to get to know this region, to fall in love with it, and it is possible to return again and again!

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