Mailing hotels in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt: before and after

Four Seasons Resort Sharm el Sheikh

Before every trip to hotels, I like to write them e-mails 🙂 I do this to understand whether the hotel sees my reservation, and also to ask for a room in a quiet place (which is very important for me).

And after returning from the hotels, I am preparing a post about each of them, the link to which I am sending them with gratitude to our vacation.

For me, these letters are such a test whether the hotel knows how to communicate with its customers: both BEFORE the service is provided and AFTER it.

So this time, before my trip in September 2020 to Sharm el Sheikh, I wrote to 3 hotels. And only the email of the Four Seasons Resort hotel I did not find, so I decided not to write to them 🙂

Before the trip, Sunrise Arabian Beach Resort communicated by e-mail very actively: they answered questions, which I had a lot, and did it very quickly.

Grand Rotana Resort also responded to my e-mail in a formal but friendly tone.

On behalf of the Hyatt Regency, a member of staff that we know, as well as reservation department, corresponded with me.

After returning, I wrote e-mails to 3 hotels, because about the 4th hotel my reviews are not over yet. And what do you think was the reaction? 🙂

The Sunrise Arabian Beach Resort did not respond for a long time, but nevertheless, it did right at the time of writing this post from the quality manager who said that all my comments and wishes were forwarded to the relevant services, and they are grateful that I wrote my 2 reviews (about the Royal Lounge and the hotel itself).

The Grand Rotana Resort probably didn’t really like my review and in the end the hotel decided not to answer to me 🙂

But my favorite hotel in Sharm el Sheikh, Hyatt Regency, which I heavily destroyed in my review, responded to my e-mail on the same day and even thanked us for coming to them. And they even wrote that they are waiting for us for the 5th time 🙂

These are some very interesting results 🙂 I hope it was interesting for you to read about how hotels work with their guests 🙂

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