May holiday in Turkey: Titanic Deluxe Belek

Another May vacation was coming, and I’ve remembered again about the vacation format that we’ve enjoyed in Turkey: warm weather, swimming in the sea in spring, good food, a lot of walks and SPA.

I’ve decided to look at another region of Turkey and chosen Belek.

Once again I took a chance, having booked a vacation in the dark horse hotel Titanic Deluxe Belek 5 *, which was still being built and was supposed to open in April 2013, almost a month before our arrival 🙂

Again, nervously I was watched the process of completing the construction of the hotel, but everything ended with a big happy end and the hotel was opened on time! 🙂

The only big disadvantage of arriving at the hotel immediately after opening was the beach, which was not finished, and looked like a temporary solution. There was no pedestrian road to it (now it’s already exists along the golf courses), there was no restaurant on the beach (now there is good one).

I can honestly say that the hotel has really amazed us a lot 🙂 : it seemed to us huge, with an incredible amount of infrastructure and entertainment, beautiful and new, built separately from all the hotels on the river bank as a large village residence for lovers of quality hotel holiday.

What we’ve liked about the hotel:

– the advantages of a new hotel: everything is pleasant and smells new

– a good superior room of 39m2 with a separate sleeping area, a seating area, a large bathroom and a balcony; good room amenities and a very comfortable bed

– interesting hotel architecture, many indoor and outdoor spaces

– pleasant lobby area for a good time to sit and enjoy

– good imported drinks and good quality of cocktails (usually a big problem in a lot of hotels especially in hotels with the all inclusive concept)

– a lot of a very good pools: large, deep, clean and beautiful

– excellent SPA center with different types of saunas, steam bath, hammam and excellent heated relax-pool

good food in the main restaurant and a spacious restaurant area with a large number of tables for guests

– great coffee shop with great coffee and tea

– daily evening entertainment (live music) and disco

– excellent Turkish restaraunt for a great lunch by the river

What we did not like about the hotel:

– a room without a view (land view category) and in a very noisy part of the hotel

– lack of territory for walking (you can walk only around the hotel and swimming pools)

– it is difficult to get out of the hotel to visit Belek and other places

– the beach that is far away from the hotel (not everyone will like to go there by boat or on foot 15-20 minutes in the hot season)

– not good pastry shop: small and cramped, with an uninteresting choice and generally tasteless pastries.

I strongly recommend the hotel for a holiday especially in the off-season, when good rooms, a good SPA center, food and drinks are important. Also, the hotel is suitable for lovers of swimming pools.

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