My souvenirs from trips: it’s time to replenish collection

Музей миниатюр Miniatur Wunderland Гамбург

Now it’s time to show you the last piece of souvenir cups in our collection at the moment.

The cup we brought from a trip to the wonderful island of Cyprus is very cute.

Сувенирная чашечка Кипр

One more cup from the wonderful island of Mallorca, which I liked even more than the previous one.

Сувенирная чашечка Майорка

Сувенирная чашечка Майорка, Испания

Well, for dessert, a small cup from our recent trip to Strasbourg.

Сувенирная чашечка Страсбург

For some reason, we didn’t want to bring a cup from Paris, because they were all ugly there, and there was very little choice.

So we look forward to new trips to add new cups to our collection!

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