My souvenirs from trips: there are more cute cups

Last time I showed you the second part of my collection of souvenir cups, and I continue to show the next part of it.

I like to sort through them now, remembering our trips, and dreaming of new ones 🙂

I hope that my collection of cups will improve your mood at least a little 🙂

Our next trip, from which my husband and I brought another cup, was a trip to the island of Kos, Greece. The cup we got from there is very pretty, one of my favorites.

For the next New Year, we went to Istanbul, Turkey, the city that impressed us forever. A cup from there is also similar to this city: a combination of everything bright, such an aggressive beauty.

Then we brought a cup from Belek, Turkey, where we liked our vacation in a huge hotel among pine trees and greenery, and endless walks through the forests of Belek.

Well, finally, for the first time we went to Egypt, to Sharm El Sheikh, where one of the largest and brightest cups came with us.

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