My travel souvenirs: I continue to show the collection

Last time I showed you the third part of my collection of souvenir cups, and I continue to show the following.

While we are not going anywhere, but only searching booking sites to find some happiness, it is sometimes useful to distract and remember our past trips.

Looking for the cups, I found one that I have not yet shown you. It came with us from our third trip to Croatia when we had holiday in Porec, in the north of Croatia in the Istria region.

The cup first seemed standard, but then it turned out that on the second side it was prettier with the scenery of the old town of Porec.

One of our most memorable trips was our trip to Italy. Then we visited 3 cities: Milan, Rome and Florence, but the cups were brought only from 2 cities. Apparently, we need to return to Italy and complete the collection 🙂

Such a massive cup came from Rome with a familiar decor look like handwork.

And from Florence we brought 2 similar but slightly different cups: with the image of the Ponte Vecchio bridge and the Panorama of the city.

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