My travel souvenirs: some memories from our trips

Музей миниатюр Гамбург

At first, my rubric with souvenirs from trips seemed to me not so interesting, but then, sorting my souvenirs to show you, I realized that it makes me happier.

And all the trips seem so cool so I want to return to all the places where we have been 🙂 Apparently, this is from the lack of new trips and impressions 🙂

Today is the 4th part of my collection of souvenir cups from 3 countries that I really love.

My favorite place in Turkey – Oludeniz – gave us such a not particularly outstanding cup.

Сувенир из Олюдениза

Чашечка из Олюдениза

We brought such an elegant and very stylish cup from an unexpectedly interesting city in Germany – Hamburg.

Сувенир из Гамбурга

Чашечка из Гамбурга

During our short but very colorful visit to Mallorca, we could not resist buying such a fun and cool cup.

Сувенир из Испании (Майорка)

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