New Year 2021 in Turkey: our way there

Well, I chose the hotels, I went through the history with the tests, so it remains to choose how to get to Turkey.

I immediately considered 2 options for the flight:
– by UIA charter on December 30, 2020 (direct flight Kyiv – Antalya) or
– by Pegasus Airlines flight on December 31 (flight with a transfer in Ankara)

It was clear that it was better to take a direct flight on December 30 (which, however, cost more than a connecting flight), but I had a lot of work planned for December 29 and 30, and I had to get ready, so I had to abandon this option.

So it happened that we flew on December 31 with 2 Pegasus Airlines flights, first from Kyiv to Ankara (with a terrible flight from Kyiv at 2 am), and then from Ankara to Antalya (with an arrival at 8 am).

We really don’t like night flights, because we can’t sleep on the plane, but then we had to go to this torture 🙂

We were happy to use the privileges from Monobank Platinum again:
– we packed the luggage that we checked in Kyiv for free
– in 15 minutes we’ve passed all at the airport, including check-in for the flight (Pegasus Airlines does not have online check-in from Kyiv), where they showed a negative PCR test in English, as well as a security check. The window for the quick passage of the border is still broken and closed, so here we had to pass in the general queue 🙂
– visited the lounge (I will write about this separately).

The Pegasus Airlines plane from Kyiv to Ankara took off on schedule and was completely full. We chose seats in the 3rd row, thanks to which we quickly got in and quickly got off the plane. We flew calmly, arrived in Ankara on schedule. During the flight, the flight attendants were constantly reminded of the need to wear masks.

And almost immediately the flight attendants handed out to everyone a health declaration in English, which had to be filled out and given back. It was necessary to indicate your full name, passport number, seat number on this flight, answer questions about your well-being, indicate your place of stay in Turkey.

In Ankara, we passed the border quickly enough, in front of which a cordon was waiting for us to check a negative PCR test in English, and then we went through another security check in front of the local departure area.

After that we visited the long-known lounge in Ankara, which is located in the area of local departures. I will also write about it separately, because it was a completely sad sight 🙂

The flight to Antalya was also full, we again chose our seats in the 3rd row and quickly took our seats and got off the plane. The flight was short, only 50 minutes, arrived on schedule, admiring the mountains of Turkey on the way to Antalya. So at 8 am we ended up in Antalya, left the airport building, breathing with pleasure the warm resort air 🙂

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