Our first hotel on Tenerife: Gran Melia Palacio de Isora

This hotel I was choosing for a long time, because I’ve wanted a combination of territory, location and pleasant infrastructure.

I’ve managed to book a hotel at a promotional price on the website of the hotel shortly before the trip, which was a great surprise for me (usually hotels get more expensive when there is not a lot of time left before the trip).

In general, Gran Melia Palacio De Isora responded to my criteria, only the location was not so good (as I thought before our vacation). But there is something wonderful in it for tired office staff who are looking for a comfortable and quiet stay 🙂 And as later showed our stay at two other hotels on the island, this location was ideal for us.

We’ve got the room according to the wishes that I’ve written in e-mail to the hotel in advance: the upper floor, a quiet location. Even a piece of the ocean was visible.

A special feature of the hotel is its location relative to the ocean: there is a closed exit (gate that works with the room key) to the promenade, natural pools (these are equipped areas along the coast among the rocks with handrails into the water, where you can safely swim without fear of ocean waves) and the beach.

But it will take 5-10 minutes to go to this all along the hot sun (and this is in May). So I can’t imagine whether it will be convenient for guests, who stay in a hotter period of the year. But this situation is the same on the entire coast of the island of Tenerife, where access to the beach is not opened from the hotel and the beach is municipal.

Near the hotel there is a small fishing village Alcala, in which there are a few cafe-bars, one supermarket and a couple of small food shops. Also along the ocean there is a wonderful promenade, on which it is pleasant to walk and admire the ocean.

Let’s start with the hotel cons:
– no windows nets
– there is no dryer for bathing suits on the balcony (there is in the bathroom, but everything there dries very bad)
not a good cooking: the products are good, they look good too, but as a result they don’t taste good (roasted, unflavored, etc.)
a catastrophe with desserts (there is a choice, but there is almost nothing tasty)
the waiters in the main restaurant speak English poorly
– some outdated public areas (toilets, changing rooms) and some towels in the rooms and at the pools
– there are few sun beds near the infinity pool: I think it will be a problem in a high season.

Hotel advantages:
an excellent territory: large, well-groomed, with beautiful plants – the whole hotel-garden

4 pools: infinity (infinite pool with different depth and sea water), the pool for adults (small, but cozy), family pool (normal size), pirate pool (for children near the mini-club)

a large main restaurant with large halls and a spacious area for the presentation of dishes. Plus the most important thing – with the atmosphere of a real restaurant. Also it has a big terrace with a view on a hotel’s garden.

– a good choice of dishes with the possibility of cooking to order at 2 stations: 3-4 types of fish and seafood, as well as meat: beef steak, turkey, pork, lamb. 10 types of ice cream.

very food breakfasts with 2 types of champagne (pink semi-sweet and white brut), excellent ham and my favorite churros with hot chocolate🙂

– an excellent size of rooms and great equipment of rooms. Two beds with good hard mattresses and normal pillows. Sofa with a table. There is an iron and a board. Dressing gowns and slippers too. Spacious bath room with its own door, well insulated from the bedroom, 2 sinks, and also has a bidet. Excellent solution (very rarely present in hotels): the door that closes the bedroom from the corridor and the bathroom (thanks to this you can’t hear sounds from the hotel corridor).

an interesting proposal to refuse to clean the room and get 20 eur for 1 cleaning to the account of the room, which can be spent on additional hotel services (for example, drinks at dinner).

– a convenient system of contacting the help desk for guests at number 9 for resolving issues, ordering services, etc.
– there is a gym, but without windows and doors
beautiful views around and fascinating sunsets (definitely a great place for lovers of photography).
– the presence of a SPA center with a range of services (even the use of our favorite sauna requires a surcharge).
great service
Red Level zone with additional advantages.

Recommendations to the hotel:
1. It’s better to separate buildings: the building at the main restaurant and the pool for adults should be made only for adults, and the one at the family pool, respectively, family wing.
2. The hotel needs to hire a good pastry chef and conduct master classes on the principles of cooking delicious dishes.
3. Install nets on balconies and clothes dryers.
4. To solve the problem of a small amount of sun beds at the infinity pool (this is the pearl of the hotel, having enjoyed it in full, guests will be happy with their stay at the hotel, and leave good reviews). Perhaps it is worth removing most of the bali bed, which are constantly empty, and their role is completely incomprehensible when the hotel has a separate Red Level privilege zone.
5. Urgently put in order the public areas of the hotel: it’s just a shame! Outdated dressing room at the infinity pool, falling locks, doors in public toilets, etc. This kind of repair does not require large expenses, but allows the hotel to look good in the eyes of guests.
6. Replace towels in the rooms with new and fluffy ones.
7. Replace beach towels for a new one.

I’ve really liked the hotel, and later, staying in 2 other hotels of the island, I’ve really missed its atmosphere of relaxation, tranquility and silence.

I was very surprised by the rather low hotel rating among the hotels of Tenerife Island on Tripadvisor! I consider the rank assigned to the hotel to be incorrect, and I strongly recommend it to all lovers of a good holiday!

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