Our funny adventures on the road to Montenegro

The quarantine period continues and affects the mood to write travel reviews.
So I’ve decided to start a new rubric (thanks to my designer Dasha for the idea) about the curiosities and funny situations in our trips.

Our first trip abroad was to Montenegro, and it was in itself fun, because this was our first bus trip to Europe.

Having taken such a tour, I, a home girl, did not even imagine what kind of nightmare I will get 🙂

The first part of the trip was by train to the Ukrainian-Hungarian border, and everything was calm and familiar, and we were lucky with fellow travelers with whom we became friends for many years.

But then the trash began: a rather large distance of the way from Hungary to Montenegro, we traveled by bus, where we had to spend the night.

The first and one of the unforgettable experiences was a visit to the huge TESCO supermarket somewhere in Hungary. There were no such stores in our country yet, so I was really shocked in a good way. I remember that I bought a bunch of all sorts of delicious garbage, which I then gladly eaten, looking out the window 🙂

I couldn’t sleep on the bus, even though we bought special pillows (as it turned out later, they were wrong). The night seemed endless, the driver made many stops, and there was at least some opportunity to move and stretch.

But all the bad ends, and in the early morning we drove into the territory of Montenegro.

It was time for the sanitary stop and I really wanted to brush my teeth and wash myself. We stopped in the mountains near a small cafe house with a small toilet and washbasin right on the street. I had to use what was available despite of my shame, and then recall our exploits of washing with cold mountain water at 5 am in front of the entire bus.

Honestly, I was shocked by spending the night in the bus, and from all the facilities in this trip, that I was not going to repeat such a trip again yet.

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