Our Germany. Berlin: Pullman Hotel Berlin Schweizerhof

Having finished our trip in Hamburg, we went to the railway station to get by train to our next stop – Berlin.

And then a fun event happened 🙂 Just like in Harry Potter story))

At the Hamburg train station, we’ve found on the scoreboard where our train was arriving, and it turned out to be platform 5.5)) Well, you understand, yes, just like in Harry Potter 🙂

I went nuts and began to run to look for it, naturally I didn’t find anything 🙂

I had to turn to local citizens for advice, they joyfully explained to me that this is the fifth platform, but the train will arrive at its half, and there you need to look for it)) What’s so, nothing complicated 🙂

The train arrived and stopped to half the platform, which was huge in length, and had to run around a bit in search of the right carriage, but in the end it all ended up wonderfully: the train was excellent, wonderful comfortable carriage, good service and just a pleasant time. We love such trains!

In Berlin, choosing a hotel is also a fun activity) There are a lot of them, in different places and with different infrastructure.
As a result of a long search, I’ve chosen the Pullman Hotel Berlin Schweizerhof.
I’ve liked it, first of all, due to its location (it is convenient to get from and to the train station, as well as to the city center).

Advantages of the hotel:

– good location

– a nice adjacent green area (near the Zoo)

– cozy, well-equipped rooms with excellent linens and all necessary accessories

– good bathroom

– good breakfasts

– a good relaxation area with indoor heated pool and saunas

Cons of the hotel:

uncomfortable breakfast room: several rooms, one of which is removed from the main distribution of food

ugly presented distribution, the dishes offered are randomly located and are not always signed

– the staff does not always cope with the amount of guests

– very small saunas, where everyone is not fit (and there are always a lot of those who wants to use it)

– so many guests

It seemed to me that this hotel is not bad in its segment, but is more suitable not for vacationers and travelers who prefer a leisurely and decent level of relaxation, but more for those who have arrived on business trip or for a conference.

Berlin itself did not make a strong impression on me, but I think this was also because we spent very little time there and did not have time to get to know him well. It may be worthwhile to return there in the future to have a final opinion about the city.

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