Our holiday in Egypt, Port Ghalib: The Palace Port Ghalib

Planning our next sea vacation, I’ve again returned to Egypt, as the most optimal option with the most beautiful and closely accessible (by flight) sea.

This time I’ve decided that it was time for us to explore a new region in Egypt with an arrival at Hurghada airport.

So I found 2 hotels in 2 different regions: one in Port Ghalib and the second in Soma Bay.

The first hotel I’ve chosen was the Intercontinental Port Ghalib. At the moment, the hotel changed its name and left the Intercontinental chain and is now called The Palace Port Ghalib.

The difficulty of holiday in Port Ghalib is its location far away from Hurghada Airport (225 km). But an individual transfer from the airport to the hotel took us straight to the hotel in 3-3.5 hours.

Strengths of the hotel:

– nice small area

– own beach for hotel guests

– spacious room with an interesting shower and good balcony

– great and beautiful main pool

– a beautiful interesting sea by the hotel beach, there is something to see, transparent and beautiful

– a good stationary pier to enter the sea

– near a nice little old town with a promenade for walking

– the ability to use the entire infrastructure of a neighboring hotel (a huge pool in the form of a lagoon is especially interesting to visit there)

good service, excellent work of the guest services

– great hotel interiors

Weak sides of the hotel:

noise from a neighboring hotel (located right next to the main restaurant of a neighboring hotel, with a huge number of very noisy guests)

not good breakfasts and dinners (small selection and few really tasty dishes)

– from the hotel’s beach it’s far to go to the pier and the entrance to the sea, that is why many guests prefer to lay on the sunbeds of a neighboring hotel, but in a crowd of noisy guests.

– a bathroom with a washbasin and a bathtub, which is fenced off with a curtain (for someone it may not seem very practical and convenient) 🙂

We had a good holiday, but did not get the expected hotel relax. I can honestly say that I had greater expectations from this hotel.

For lovers of an interesting sea, I recommend considering this region.

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