Our holiday in Regnum Carya, Belek: real all inclusive

So we’ve got to one of my favorite episodes of hotels holidays in our series “How I came to such a life”.
May 2014, where to go, of course .. to Turkey 🙂

And again throwing in search of a dream hotel 🙂

Suddenly I’ve seen an incredible hotel – a new Regnum Carya Golf Resort and Spa in the Belek region.
At the time when I’ve discovered this hotel, there were only pictures and a description of the concept of the hotel. No one knew whether they would open it in time, whether the entire infrastructure would be ready, whether the state of the construction site would be there.

But as I saw it, I realized that I had to book it! 🙂

Before the opening of the hotel, I was mailing to the guest service and read the hotel forums on Tripadvisor and Holidaycheck. So I was really believed that the hotel would be waiting for us.

Yes, yes, you say, again a complete adventure. Yes, I agree, a very big risk, but the result also pleased us very much.

As a result, the hotel was opened in April, we went to it at our favorite time in May.
The first impression was superb: a beautiful road to the hotel, adjacent golf courses, pine trees everywhere, greenery, in general, beauty!

The lobby impressed us with its size and interesting design decisions.

I’ve immediately decided that we would like it, and it was true.

I can say that after years of our trips to different hotels, I look forward to the opportunity to return to my favorite hotel on Antalya Coast. And see all the changes and additions that hotels has over the years.

Well, now I will pass from the lyrics to the facts.

Advantages of the hotel:

– a huge, very well-groomed and beautiful area

– an excellent standard sea view room: decent size, dressing room, spacious bathroom with separate bathtub and shower, an excellent solution with air conditioning (it doesn’t blow on guests, quiet), a comfortable bed and great bedding, a large balcony with a sofa and armchairs, good cleaning

– great service

– excellent food in the main restaurant and very good (as for Turkey) food in a-la-cart restaurants

– an excellent selection of imported alcohol and interesting cocktails

– a wonderful SPA center with a spacious indoor pool, saunas and a steam room

– two large outdoor pools (one for adults only)

pool with waves (scheduled)

– cool water park

– nice beach with white Maldivian sand

– cool Irish beer bar with Guinness beer

– very good quality dishes in the restaurant for lunch à la carte

– grean confectionery with cakes and ice-cream

Cons of the hotel:

– a small beach, cramped and located near the public beach of the village

– there is no sea (as for lovers of a clean and transparent sea), well, there is one, but constant excitement turns the sea into a muddy water where it is unpleasant to swim from the shore

– the distance from the buildings to the beach (for someone it can be a problem, we walked with pleasure)

– convenient service by buggy cars on the territory, but more often you need to wait in order to get somewhere

– sometimes crowds at dinner (if all the halls of the main restaurant are not open)

We were lucky to get to the hotel at a very small price, and today it costs already very decent money and, accordingly, the requirements and expectations of the hotel will be much higher.

I recommend this hotel for those who are looking for a hotel with an excellent concept and those for whom a sea is not a priority for relaxation, as well as for lovers of long walks (both within the hotel and the golf courses).

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