Our holiday in Sharm El Sheikh: Sunrise Arabian Beach Resort

After the quiet and relaxing Sunrise Montemare, we’ve arrived at the second hotel – Sunrise Arabian Beach Resort.

A few words about reservation of this hotel. I’ve booked this hotel very early on Booking at a favorable rate in the block of rooms for adults only with access to the pool with reservation, which must be paid at the hotel.

After a few months, the hotel inform us that they were not able to charge the money (although there was no such condition in our rate), and therefore the reservation will be canceled if we do not replace the card. Our bank confirmed that there were no attempts to debit funds from the card, despite the fact that there were sufficient funds on the card. So I’ve immediately realized that the hotel wants to get rid of our reservation.

This is a common practice of hotels on the Booking platform, that after a while see that they can sell a room more expensive, and try to get rid of cheap and uninteresting reservations.

I’ve contacted Booking support to find out details. Not immediately, but I was informed that the hotel cannot confirm our reservation and we are offered to replace the hotel. Naturally, I was not happy with the replacement, because I wanted to get to this hotel. Endless telephone conversations began with Booking representatives (often English-speaking) and real bidding. As a result of which I won 🙂 But I had to sacrifice the class category of the room and agree to the standard room.

Well, about the hotel.

Weaknesses of the hotel:

– a small area, all built up with buildings

– steep descent down, everywhere there are a lot of stairs

a huge number of guests

– uncomfortable and cramped beach

– practice of hunting for sunbeds by the pools from 6 in the morning

little green on the territory

– sauna and steam room for a fee

– cramped main restaurant

– not a good reef near the hotel and a small water area for swimming

Strengths of the hotel:

many pools, including swimming pool with adult only area

– good gym

good food in the main restaurant

– beautiful sea views from the territory

– small pier

– good a la carte restaurants (tastier than in the main restaurant)

spacious room (but with a small bathroom and not so good views)

all inclusive concept

I do not regret that we’ve stayed at this hotel, but at a higher price I’ve expected more from it than from his brother Sunrise Montemare.

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