Our next vacation in Greece, island Kos: Blue Lagoon Village

For the second week of holiday, I’ve chosen a hotel on the other coast of island Kos, which is famous for its beautiful and quiet sea, Blue Lagoon Village.

This is a five-star new hotel, which is built in the form of a Greek village, and is located near the village of Kefalos.

Around the hotel there are large spaces and complete silence. But getting out of it into civilization was not very convenient: either by taxi or by bus from the hotel on a schedule.

Strengths of the hotel:

– a large and interesting territory of the hotel with many interesting places for entertainment and recreation

– the hotel is built in the form of 2-3-storey buildings and is divided into a zone for families with children and for adults only

– an excellent room sea view in the section for adults only (I recommend it for those who like to relax in adult only comfort) with excellent living space, a good bathroom and a large balcony with wonderful views of the hotel and the sea. It goes right to the pool and is located near a good bar

– separate water park and rope park

– many pools

– good food and very good restaurants a la carte

– good service and room cleaning

– excellent, separate building of spa with saunas and indoor pool

– many options for entertainment and animation, live music in the evenings

cafe with ice cream, waffles and pancakes

– great spacious beach

Hotel weaknesses:

– its far from the beach (we love to walk, but in the heat it was very fun to go back and forth)

– a lot of hotel guests and very often it was felt not so good (especially in the main restaurant and around the main pool)

– a very difficult entrance to the sea (once fell and very unsuccessfully, damaging the palm). True, after repeated complaints from guests, the hotel built a pier for a more convenient entrance to the sea

– not so good alcoholic card with local not the best quality drinks and untrained bartenders.

The beautiful sea, warm, transparent and boundless.

An excellent landscapes and many places for walking around the hotel itself and around it.

A good hotel for those who like to spend time on site with a good range of services and infrastructure.

I highly recommend it, especially for those who likes to have an all inclusive concept for holiday.

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  1. Dave says:

    Well done to the author. Such a article.

    1. admin says:

      Thak you so much!

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