Our second hotel on Tenerife: Iberostar Selection Anthelia

The second our hotel to stay on the island of Tenerife was the hotel Iberostar Selection Anthelia.

Choosing this hotel was more difficult than choosing the first one.
I’ve seen this hotel a long time ago, and I was convinced of the correctness of my preliminary choice, after reading the wonderful review of my good friend Polina.

Literally a month before the trip, I’ve realized that I shouldn’t go to the hotel I’ve booked in the north of the island (it’s colder there than in the west and south, but I wanted some warmth and swimming in the ocean). Why did it come to me so late, who knows 🙂

So finally I’ve remembered about this hotel of my favorite Iberostar chain and decided to book it.

Before arriving, I’ve received a letter from the hotel asking what time to wait for us and whether there are any wishes. It was very nice and immediately made a positive impression about the hotel.

We’ve arrived at the hotel around 13.00. and were immediately settled, which was nice.

Anthelia has very unusual interiors with a combination of an old times approaches (everywhere from the reception to the restaurant and corridors) and completely new solutions in the rooms (a full renovation was completed a year ago). I think that rooms after renovation has lost its charm of colonial style of the hotel and looks strange in general hotel’s style.

We’ve booked and got a room with side sea view on the 3rd floor, small, but bright with a nice balcony, side ocean view and a cozy pool view.

An unsuccessful decision with wash basins right in the room is enhanced by the inconvenient use of the shower and toilet (it is impossible to turn around, it is not convenient to open the doors).

All cosmetics are in containers according to the general decision of the Iberostar hotels to reduce the use of plastic, paper, etc., to preserve the ecosystem of the ocean.

The number of towels is sufficient: foot towel, bath towels and face towels.

Hair dryer is powerful, dries hair well.

There is a very little space for clothes: there is one built-in wardrobe with a small number of shelves and space with hangers.

The room also has a table and chairs, a safe and a minibar(for guests on the breakfast-dinner system for an extra charge), there is also a Nespresso coffee maker with 4 capsules of coffee for free, a welcome bottle of water and fruits. If you need a kettle, you can order it additionally.

The beds are made up of two together and the problem is that they are constantly leaving each other)) The mattresses are soft, the pillows are comfortable.

Huge TV with USB connector and lots of channels.

The cleaning in the room is good, in the evenings there is also room service.

Recommendations to the hotel.
Secure the beds so that they do not go back and forth.
It may be worthwhile to consider the allocation of a separate block of rooms for adults only.

The territory of the hotel is quite small, goes to the promenade and the beaches (exit-entrance again only by hotel cards). Good location for those who loves have a long walks by the ocean.

The hotel has 3 swimming pools: two on the platform by the ocean right above the head of people walking along the promenade (which is very strange and uncomfortable), one of which is heated, the second with sea water, and the third one also heated at the top of the buildings.

Two pools on the lower platform look like a busy square: a lot of people, a lot of sun beds, noisy 🙁 At the same time there all the time a strong cold wind blows. It is impossible to be in the sun, because it is very hot, and in the shade of umbrellas is also impossible to be, because of cold. Therefore, a good solution for us was to have a rest by the upper pool: it’s quiet there, fewer people and a lot less wind.

Pool towels will be given to you to your card.

There is also a mini-club for children with their own pool.

We’ve stayed at the hotel on the system of breakfast and dinner, which are held in the main restaurant. The main restaurant did not please us at all, there was no atmosphere of a pleasant place where you want to dress well. It looked like a huge canteen room with an incredible number of people and constant noise.

The choice of food on the buffet system was quite extensive, but unfortunately staff doesn’t know how to cook dishes in this hotel. You won’t be hungry, but you won’t be able to eat a tasty meal. And this is despite the fact that the range of products is good (there is both tuna, and lamb, and veal). But these products are prepared for frying incorrectly, roasting to the state of dry meat (despite the fact that cooks ask what degree of roasting you want).

The situation with desserts is simply terrible: there is nothing but ice cream that would be really delicious.

Recommendations to the hotel.
To do some trainings for chefs how to cook and seasoning products.
Hire a good pastry chef.

A pleasant moment for us was a free coffee and tea during dinner (usually any drinks during dinner are for a fee).

At breakfast there is an excellent selection of fresh juices, good cheese, brut champagne. But at the same time there is not delicious pastry for tea, coffee.

Special mention deserves the SPA center of the hotel with wellness services: sauna, steam room, swimming pool with hydromassage, relaxation area with water and tea.
You can get there for a surcharge of 20 eur per person (for 2 hours) or by exchanging Iberostar points (as we did and received a voucher to visit this complex). We’ve liked to spend time there, it only embarrassed that the SPA building is located across the street from the hotel (although guests of the hotel walk along the path inside without going outside the hotel, which is convenient even if you are in a bathrobe). When you visit you are given the key to the locker with a bathrobe, slippers and a towel for the sauna.

The biggest disappointment for me was the location of the hotel in the village of Adeje with very dense concrete buildings, a huge number of people everywhere, and most importantly: with very muddy water at the entrance to the ocean and frequent strong waves.

This is definitely a good hotel, but absolutely not in our concept but will be good to those who likes big hotel with a family concept.

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