Palace of Versailles: how I made my dream come true

Версальский дворец

I was very happy that we would be spending a few nights in the town of Versailles, because thanks to this, we will be able to walk for a long time in the complex of the Palace of Versailles.

Ever since childhood, I fell in love with Paris thanks to the novels of Dumas. And the Palace of Versailles together with the Louvre was my very big cherished dream.

But my nerves were pretty worn out by a nationwide strike in France at the end of 2019, which first stopped the work of all public transport, and then museums and palaces 🙂 But I really believed that it was not in vain that I was going to see Paris. And at the end of December, the Palace of Versailles was opened, and I hurried to buy us tickets online.

Everywhere I read that it is better to buy tickets online, so I did it, only I was upset that a passport for 2 days to visit the entire complex was not available for booking on my dates. Well, we decided that a passport for 1 day would be enough for us for the first acquaintance.

A passport is a complex ticket to visit the Palace of Versailles, gardens, large and small Trianon and others.

The site is easy to navigate, after payment the tickets were sent to me by e-mail, I printed them out and took them with me.

On January 2, 2020 we came to the palace, it was cloudy and gray around, and from the fence there was a huge line to the palace, which twisted like a snake 🙂 The beginning was visible, the end was not visible 🙂

But I ran and saw that for those who have online tickets, there is a separate small queue right at the entrance to the palace. But this queue-snake was waiting for those who bought tickets at the box office of the Palace of Versailles.

So you should buy tickets online, it will save you a lot of time.

We stood in line for about 30 minutes and got into the courtyard of the palace, and then a miracle happened – the sun came out and I saw a beautiful palace in its rays 🙂 Ah, dreams should come true, I thought 🙂

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