Rainy January holidays 2022 in Turkey

Antalya 2022

When you plan a lot of things and look forward to a long-awaited meeting with new countries, but you live in times of a pandemic, be ready to have option B 🙂 So again we ended up in Turkey, this time on the coast of Antalya.

We enjoyed celebrating the New Year 2021 in Belek, surrounded by pine trees and golf courses, so I decided to repeat something and see something new.

And the most difficult was not the choice of hotels, but the choice of a flight to Antalya. Everything didn’t work out in any way: either the dates were inappropriate, then the flight was with a transfer (which I really didn’t want), and most importantly, the cost was crazy 🙂 As a result, to make everything work out, I chose the flight to Antalya after the New Year: turned out to be direct and also quite inexpensive! True, it was a charter from Azur Air Ukraine, but we had no complaints about it: right on schedule, good planes, pleasant service.

This time I decided to pull myself together and agree to stay in only 3 hotels 🙂

Although I had to choose only 3 hotels, but I twisted my puzzle for a very long time my new travel dates were different. I first booked a few nights at the brand new NG Phaselis Bay but had to cancel because my new travel dates were different. But I am sure that we will still come to the coast of Kemer and will definitely visit this hotel, also among these places my blue dream is waiting for me 🙂

But on the other hand, I immediately decided on the first hotel. I liked it for a long time, and I was attracted by the chain of hotels to which it belongs, but here everything just worked out because I wanted to walk around Antalya. The first hotel was the Akra Barut Hotel in Antalya. Having looked at the prices everywhere, it turned out that the lowest price was waiting for me at Booking, and besides that, there was also a gift of 5% cashback to the WizzAir account. I booked 3 nights here.

I chose as the second hotel Regnum Carya Gol Resort and Spa in Belek, where we had a great time in January 2021. Because this is not a cheap hotel at all, it was not easy to find a good price for it, but I succeeded 🙂 It turned out that the price of the hotel dropped a lot after the New Year, and the Anex Tour Ukraine had the cheapest price (only hotel). I booked 3 nights in this hotel.

Well, the third hotel was that one Maxx Royal Belek Golf Resort in Belek, where I was not going at all, but then I decided that it was time to see one of the most legendary hotels in Turkey. The price for this hotel has always been completely crazy, but for some reason, it dropped sharply on dates after Orthodox Christmas, and I thought that was a sign. But the minimum booking in this hotel is possible for 4 nights; I had to agree to this  The lowest price was from the Coral Travel Ukraine (only hotel).

I ordered a transfer from Antalya airport again through Booking and will tell you about it separately, because our story had a happy ending, but it was interesting.

Transfer between hotels, and then back to the airport, I took in the Ella Car office on the recommendation of my beloved friend Natasha :). And everything turned out great. Although it was not cheap at all, it was accurate, fast and pleasant.

Insurance, as usual in recent times, I took the most extended.

As a result, we were waiting for 10 nights in Antalya and Belek, and I will tell about our vacation in separate hotel reviews.

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