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Review of Amara Dolce Vita Hotel, Tekirova, Turkey from a great friend of the project and a well-known specialist of holiday in hotels in Turkey and travel around Turkey – Elena Polovnikova.

Since this site is a lifehack about good holiday, I will try to show the best of what is in Amara, but you must remember that I have a bias towards this hotel.

This is our favorite hotel, in which we have been more than 10 times, everything here seems comfortable and familiar, and we treat the downsides with descent.

If we talk about rooms, of course, it’s better to book the category Deluxe Sea View, and “loved ones” have views of the pool with sea water.

The first digit of the number starts at 8, this is the main building, the second digit is the number of the floor, 6 in total, and the next two digits numbering the room.

Numbering from 19 to 28 has a gorgeous direct view of the sea, the higher the floor, the better, this is the view from the 5th floor.

Interior of the room

The beach is rather long in length, this year sand whas been delivered and the entry into the sea became very good, even by the end of the season the natural plate was not exposed.

There is a Calipso paid zone and a Cabana zone with service, there are also paid couches on the pier

Well, our favorite place was our paradise, as we called it :), this place is hidden from everybody, here you can enjoy the silence and beautiful views.

The sea in Amara Dolce Vita has an unmatched color

The saltwater pool and the indoor pool are very conveniently located and have access to the main building, which is a huge plus for Amara during the off-season.

The other pools are located in front of the Portofino building, there is also a swimming pool on Istanbul Street, where there are club rooms, and on Roma Street there is a freshly themed water park.

There are a lot of food during the day, it is both a snack and a burger station, and a Fellini restaurant, which works like à la carte, but only one restaurant works at dinner and it’s best to come to the opening, since the problem is that the staff often can’t cope.

Restaurants a la carte since this year, all paid, well, but the advantage of course behind the restaurant Pescatore, it is located on the mountain and the lighthouse has nice views.

The rest of the restaurants are located in the Portofino building with the open part of the restaurant on the street.

Special mention deserves a pastry shop, the choice is good, right there is ice cream, next to the Irish bar, in which it is pleasant to sit with a glass of cocktail

There are enough bars in the territory: a bar on the pier, on the beach, beer garden, snack bar, lobby, etc.

Everywhere there is a worthy choice of alcohol, chips, almonds, hazelnuts, chocolate, everything is served too.

In addition to good service, there are places for sports, tennis courts, a good spa, a water park, a zoo.

In general, there is everything for a great holiday! 🙂

And the most important charm of Amara is in the natural beauty of this place, and the great view of Tahtali, an artificial waterfall, the original style of buildings, a large territory, a turquoise sea.

The most important this is the place in which a piece of our heart remains forever:)

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