Review of Citadel Inn hotel, Lviv, Ukraine

Здание отеля Citadel Inn, Львов

In one of my posts about our adventures during a road trip to Poland in winter, I told you about a short stop in Lviv.

For this stop, I chose at that time the new hotel Citadel Inn 5 *, located not far from the center.

We could not find it, so we took a taxi, hoping that the locals knew exactly where this hotel was.

Despite the difficulties of finding a hotel, we got a lot of impressions from staying in it:

– the hotel building is impressive

– the corridors are very harsh and even scary to be there, it seems that now you will definitely meet a local ghost

Коридоры отеля Citadel Inn, Львов

– the room is small, but cozy, with a good view

Номер отеля Citadel Inn, Львов

Номер отеля Citadel Inn, Львов

Вид из номера отеля Citadel Inn, Львов

– small bathroom

Ванная комната отеля Citadel Inn, Львов

Душ в номере отеля Citadel Inn, Львов

– separate toilet with washbasin

Туалетная комната отеля Citadel Inn, Львов

– breakfasts are standard and not particularly memorable, but the restaurant is great.

Ресторан отеля Citadel Inn, Львов

I really wanted to live in Lviv in an unusual hotel, and I am happy with the choice of this hotel.

I recommend this hotel to all lovers of atmospheric hotels. And I especially recommend it to everyone who wants to live in a real 19th century fortress with wonderful views and interior in the Austrian imperial style.

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